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Gel strength is a measure of the ability of the drilling fluid to maintain suspension of particulate matter in the mud column when the pump is shut down. There is a close relationship between viscosity, yield point, and gel strength (Assaad et al. 2003). , weighing materials, sand, and cuttings); and various chemicals necessary to control properties within 30 desired limits. The general functions of drilling fluids are to cool and lubricate the bit and drill string; to remove and transport cuttings from the bottom of the hole to the surface; to suspend cuttings during times when circulation is stopped; to control encountered subsurface pressures; and to wall the borehole with an impermeable mud cake.

2) Orogenic settings occur initially where converPlate movements have lately been considered to regent plate motions and contractional structures sult from the presence of “hot spots,” which represent dominate; subsidence occurs initially by plate a number of thermal centers, and are fixed in the upflexures, either because of plate consumption or per mantle, from which “plumes” of hot material rise because of local tectonic thickening of crustal intermittently to burn holes in the overlying crust.

There are two basic types of mud systems—one designed for drilling shallow domes, and the other for deep salt structures; if salt is drilled at very shallow depths, a saturated salt water mud is mixed in the surface system to be utilized as a spud mud. However, if salt domes are several thousand feet deep (but still in the shallow or intermediate depth range), a freshwater mud system can be used until the cap salt rock is penetrated; then the mud is converted to a saturated salt mud. Both native or gel mud fresh water may require certain inorganic additives to develop the proper alkaline values which promote hydration and dispersion of the penetrated shales.

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