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By Eugene S. Kryachko

I want to provide to a large circle of the readers operating in quantum chem istry and solid-state physics, as, .ell as in different fields of many-body physics and its interfaces, this ebook deyoted to density useful idea written by means of my colleagues Eugene S. Kryachko and Eduardo Y. Ludena. Their how one can this thought are relatively various even if primarily either one of them are quantum chemical. Eugene S. Kryachko got here to strength density useful idea from the speculation of lowered density matrices, and Eduardo \'. Ludena dewloped previous the idea that of loges in quantum chemistry. Neyertheless, their previous pursuits giw the chance to consolidate and formulate power density practical idea in a unified and constant means, for my part. Raymond Daudel Paris ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors are indebted to Carl Almbladh, Victor Va. Antonchenko, John Avery, Richard F. W. Bader, Ulf \'on Barth, Jean-Louis Calais, A. John Coleman, Jens P. Dahl, Robert Donnelly, Harold Englisch, Robert 1\1. Erdahl, Oswaldo Goscinski, John E. Harriman, Gintas Kamuntavichius, Illja G. Kaplan, Jaime Keller, \'alentin Khart siev, Toshikatsu Koga, Per-Olov Lo\ydin, T. Tung Nguyen-Dang, Ivan Zh. Petkov, Jerome ok. Percus, l\lary Beth Ruskai, John R. Sabin, Zdenek Slanina, \'ladimir Shi rokov, l\lario V. Stoitsov, Yoram Tal, and \Vaitao Yang, who in a single method or one other, both via their style help, support, discussions or invaluable reviews created the human and highbrow heritage which made this e-book attainable.

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Used hardcover booklet, no pen/pencil or excessive liner marks. now not Library publication! No DJ, conceal convey shelf and garage put on. textual content is in Like New situation without folds or put on, a few colour fading to edges outdoors of textual content sector.

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1 - 22) n3 -1l1*(t)\1(W(t)1l1(t) )]. ii1 When the boundary S(r[, Q) is not fixed, that is, when it depends upon 1l1*(t) and 1l1(t), it is necessary to include an additional term which accounts for the variation of the surface with time. 1-25a) where [H, ff"] is the commutator of Hand IF. If in addition, the operator time dependence, then it follows that [H,fT"]=O. 1- 25b) The fact that Jj and IV commute is a sufficient condition for IF to be an operator corresponding to a physical observable compatible with E (the physical obserYable of H).

In particular, for p = 1 and 2 ~ef. 2 - 5) which is the first-order reduced density matrix, or briefly, the I-matrix of the pure state W. 2 - 6) Hence the 2-matrix, D~, is normalized to the total number of all pairs of electrons, and the I-matrix, 1'\[1, to the total number of electrons in the gi\'en set K. 2-6) are :\IAl\Y-ELECTRO~ WAYEFUXCTIO;\"S, DE~SITY \IATRICES ... 2 - 7b) Notice that the subindex \II is absent from the reduced first-order and second-order density operators for ensembles.

N')DN(1, ... ,N;1', ... ,N') I, ". 1 ->l, ... 1 - 85) K=l L=l where AKL= j dl. j dN

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