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There is very little room for doubt, however, that the members judge the union on what it achieves in negotiations at the workplace. It is the union's ability to defend its members from arbitrary management decisions, and to advance and improve the terms and conditions on which they are employed, that causes most people to join. Of course there are some who will join the union because they believe in the Labour movement or because they want to influence decisions made by the TUC. These individuals, who often form the backbone of the union's formal organisation, are rare, however.

What is significant is that these distinctions can be made even between apparently similar companies in the same industry. What people often mean, and sometimes say, is that management in one organisation treat the employees well, in others not so well. They have identified sufficient similarity of behaviour amongst a group of very different individuals to be able to classify them all as having a certain management style. This, amongst the very varied individuals (and occasionally eccentric individualists) that make up a management team, is indeed remarkable.

If both are antagonistic, it will decline - as it did in the 1980s. Joining a trade union is easy. There are far fewer hurdles to overcome than there are in joining a golf club, for example. e. alive and wants to join), but unions will generally want their membership to be as large as possible within the area they cover- and some unions claim to cover all areas. In most circumstances, a potential member will find that there is a union which is recognised by fellow workers, management and other unions as being appropriate to that particular job.

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