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By J. M. M. Brown and G. G. Járos (Auth.)

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Used hardcover ebook, no pen/pencil or excessive liner marks. no longer Library ebook! No DJ, hide convey shelf and garage put on. textual content is in Like New situation with out folds or put on, a few colour fading to edges outdoor of textual content sector.

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Both are possible depending on the concentrations of the participating substances. This particular aspect will be discussed in more detail in chapter 5. 4: 7 Symbols, Reactions and Equations •JHf }c«* * ci t $ CI * CI # (a) H 3H N - > £ H N (b) J H H J 2 H * c * H * c* H ©* o C f H 8 N ( e 8 H *o C S H * c t lc H e * H (c) c * (d) H t H H OK- *o c f (f) ,H $ O * S N l C o H (9) H l c l t J c S H (h) (i) FIG. 3 The formation of molecules and bonds (only the electrons in the outer orbit are shown), (a) chlorine molecule (Cl ), ammonia molecule (NH ), (c) water molecule ( H 0 ) , covalent bond between two carbon atoms, (e) ethane molecule, ( / ) double covalent bond between two carbon atoms, (g) ethylene molecule (C H ), (h) nitrogen molecule (N ), and (i) acetylene molecule (C H ).

Symbols, Reactions 4:5 and Equations A number of elements can exist in more than one valency state, for instance sulphur can have a valency of four or six, copper one or two ( C u or C u ) , iron two or three ( F e or F e ) and soon. The reasons for this are beyond the scope of this text and need not concern us at the moment. The most important of these particular elements for biological systems is iron, and it is functional in either of its valency states. + + + + + + + + The formation of molecules — Covalent bonds Another way in which stability can be reached is by avoiding unfilled orbits through the sharing of electrons between two or more atoms (Fig.

In health the pH of the body fluids is maintained within these very narrow limits. A fall in pH to a value of 7,2 represents a considerable increase in the hydrogen ion concentration and one which is sufficient to cause serious disturbances of cell function. If the pH of body fluids falls to 7, the increase in hydrogen ion concentration is such that cell function is catastrophically impaired, and coma and death result. W e speak of such a condition as an acidosis. An acidosis is a frequent complication of diseases like diabetes mellitus, in which excessive amounts of acids are produced in the body.

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