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Einstein His lifestyles and occasions through PHILIPP FRANK. Contents contain: I. EINSTEIN'S adolescence and coaching 1 kinfolk heritage three 2 formative years 6 three fitness center in Munich 10 four highbrow pursuits 12 five Departure from Munich 15 6 pupil at Zurich 18 7 reputable of a Patent place of work 21 II. CONCEPTIONS OF THE actual global earlier than EINSTEIN 1 Philosophical belief of Nature 25 2 Organismic Physics of the center a while 27 three Mechanistic Physics and Philosophy 28 four Relativity precept in Newtonian Mechanics 30 five Ether as a Mechanical speculation 32 6 Remnants of Medieval techniques in Mechanistic Physics 34 7 Critics of the Mechanistic Philosophy 36 eight Ernst Mach: the final legislation of Physics Are Summaries of Observations geared up in uncomplicated varieties 38 nine Henri Polncarl: the final legislation of Physics Are loose Creations of the Human brain forty 10 Positivistic and Pragmatic pursuits forty two eleven technology on the finish of the 19th Century forty five hello. starting OF a brand new period IN PHYSICS 1 lifestyles in Bern forty nine 2 curiosity in Philosophy 50 three the elemental Hypotheses of the speculation of Relativity fifty three vli Contents four results of Einstein's Hypotheses fifty five five Relativity of Time fifty seven 6 Relativity of different actual innovations sixty three 7 Equivalence of Mass and effort sixty five eight thought of Brownian movement sixty seven nine starting place of the Quantum thought sixty nine 10 conception of the Photon seventy one IV. EINSTEIN AT PRAGUE 1 Professor on the collage of Zurich seventy four 2 Appointment to Prague seventy seven three Colleagues at Prague eighty four TA? Jews in Prague eighty three five Einstein's character Portrayed in a singular eighty five 6 Einstein as a Professor 89 7 Generalization of the specific conception of Relativity ninety one eight impression of Gravity at the Propagation of sunshine ninety four nine Departure from Prague ninety eight V. EINSTEIN AT BERLIN 1 The Solvay Congress one zero one 2 journey to Vienna 103 three Invitation to Berlin 106 four Einstein's place within the educational lifetime of Berlin 109 five courting with Colleagues 112 6 courting with scholars 116 7 Outbrea^ of the area conflict 119 eight German technological know-how within the conflict 121 nine Lz'jfe iVz Wartime 123 VI. the final conception OF RELATIVITY 1 New concept of Gravitation 127 2 . R0/

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