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By Edison, Thomas Alva; Martin, Thomas Commerford; Dyer, Frank Lewis; Edison, Thomas Alva


Gain new perception into the lifetime of necessary American inventor Thomas Alva Edison with this complete biography. Delving deeply into the non-public lifetime of "The Wizard of Menlo Park," writer Frank Lewis Dyer bargains a desirable glimpse into Edison's notable brain and memorable ambition.

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Gain new perception into the lifetime of crucial American inventor Thomas Alva Edison with this entire biography. Delving deeply into the private lifetime of "The Wizard of Menlo Park," writer Frank Lewis Dyer bargains a desirable glimpse into Edison's outstanding brain and memorable ambition

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The term of probation thus referred to did not end until 1868, and while it lasted Edison's wanderings carried him from Detroit to New Orleans, and took him, among other cities, to Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Memphis, some of which he visited twice in his peregrinations to secure work. From Canada, after the episodes noted in the last chapter, he went to Adrian, Michigan, and of what happened there Edison tells a story typical of his wanderings for several years to come. "After leaving my first job at Stratford Junction, I got a position as operator on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern at Adrian, Michigan, in the division superintendent's office.

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