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By Mary S. Lazaridou-Varotsos

As evidenced dramatically and tragically in 2011 alone,earthquakes reason devastation and their outcomes when it comes to human discomfort and fiscal catastrophe can final for years or perhaps a long time. The VAN approach to earthquake prediction, in response to the detection and dimension of low frequency electrical indications referred to as Seismic electrical signs (SES), has been researched and evaluated over 30 years, and now constitutes the one earthquake prediction attempt that has ended in concrete profitable effects. This ebook recounts the heritage of the VAN procedure, detailing the way it has constructed and been validated less than foreign scrutiny.

Earthquake Prediction by means of Seismic electrical Signals

• describes, step-by-step, the advance of the VAN strategy for the reason that 1981;

• explains either the theoretical version underpinning the examine and the actual houses of SES;

• analyzes the SES recordings and the prediction for every significant earthquake in Greece over the past 25 years;

• introduces a brand new time area, average time, which performs a key function in predicting imminent catastrophic events.

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3 Sensitive and nonsensitive sites Let us now proceed to the following important question: Can we install a station for recording preseismic signals SES in any area? The answer is categorically no. ) which, through their electrical power grounding, as explained above, emit electrical disturbances that can exceed and hence “shade” the preseismic electric signals (SES). But suppose we have indeed identified (after in situ measurements lasting a few weeks), such a “quiet” area that has very low “artificial” electrical noise.

Described the scene with humour: “I was lying in the back seat of the car sleeping, when suddenly I felt a strong shaking. I awoke and looked in fear at the house, because I thought it might be falling down. Then I saw Varotsos and his wife jump over the railings of the balcony and then, immediately after that, Varotsos turning back. ”. Of course, after this, we forgot the previous agreement to sleep in shifts since nobody had an inclination for sleep. Brewing coffee, we passed the rest of the night together.

Because a preseismic signal could last for a while, for example, 10 minutes, and then not appear again until the earthquake, the records must be continuous, that is 24 hours per day. In this way, we monitor how the electric field of the Earth changes in the different regions of Greece where we have installed (measuring) stations. The selection of these stations is difficult because, beyond that they should be areas of low “artificial” electrical noise, they must be sufficiently “sensitive” to record SES, as explained below.

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