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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.


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In regards to the ProductPublished by way of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine sequence. content material:

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2 with an average about 4. The apparent susceptibility of the rocks was then that the lineaments flows which emanate are due to normal and reversed from fractures beneath Ross Island. Dort [1972]suggestedthat Mt. Erebus, Mt. Bird, Mt. Terra Nova, and Mt. Terror, along with the smaller conesof Hut Point Peninsula, lie along large orthogonal fractures. Wellman [1964] proposed several west-northwest and north-northeast trending faults in Hut Point Peninsula following lines of volcanic cones and necks, whereas Kyle and Cole [1974] believe 120 radial faults extend outward from Mt.

Positive anomalies with lower amplitudes and gradients and negative anomaliesover glaciers and valleys can be attributed to the basementand peneplainsills. Negative anomaliesobservednorth of Shapeless Mountain probably indicate occurrences of reversely polarized Ferrar Dolerite. McMurdo Sound is floored by a continuation of the basement complex found in the dry valleys. A broad positive anomaly between the Dailey Islands and Hut Point Peninsula is caused by an intrusive body, probably related to the McMurdo Volcanics, approximately 5 km below sea level and probably extending to the base of the crust.

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