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By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Offers solutions to a number of questions about tornadoes and hurricanes, together with "Where do so much tornadoes strike," and "How lengthy do hurricanes last?"

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And in the Pacific Ocean around Australia the same storms have a funny name, willy-willies. When is hurricane season? From June through November in the Northern Hemisphere and from November through April in the Southern Hemisphere. During these months, the surface of the sea is at its warmest—about 80 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 300C). Which hurricane stands out as one of the most powerful? Hurricane Camille. This storm struck the Mississippi and Alabama coasts on August 17–18, 1969. Its winds blew a steady 200 miles (320 km) an hour with even stronger gusts.

Some experts say that 9 of every 10 people who die in hurricanes are killed by storm surges. Most drown. The huge, solid wall of water sweeps over beaches and other low-lying land areas. The surge washes away people—as well as buildings, trees, piers, and roads. The floodwaters stay on land long after the hurricane passes. Since ocean water contains salt, many growing plants die. The salt and other chemicals left in the soil harm future crops and seep into wells and underground water supplies. This may make water unfit to drink for a long time.

The eye shifts within the storm as the entire storm moves forward. Why is the eye dangerous? Because it tricks you into believing the storm is over. Some people go outdoors when the calm center passes overhead. Then, they may be injured or killed when the other half of the hurricane arrives. But the eye can also be a blessing. Sailors often use the calm as a chance to tie their boats down before the rest of the storm moves in. And birds often fly safely in the eye of the hurricane. How fast do hurricanes travel?

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