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By Carl Edmonds, Bart McKenzie, Robert Thomas

Diving medication bargains with clinical learn on problems with diving, the prevention of diving problems, therapy of diving injuries and diving health.

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Masks made of silicone rubber are available for use – essential for divers with rubber or plastic allergy. Fig. 1 Mask, snorkel and fins – basic free diving equipment The viewing plate of the mask can be made of either glass or plastic. Masks, like the windscreens of cars, should be made of “tempered “ or safety glass, thereby preventing shattering and damage to the face and eyes, in the occasional event of trauma. Then it will shatter into small cubes rather than sharp splinters when broken. Good quality plastic is less likely to break, but is prone to scratching Chapter 5 — 2 Fig.

8. Being over weighted is one of the most common faults of new divers. Fig. 9 Sitting on the gunwale with a weight belt on, is living dangerously. The weight belt should be fitted with a quick release buckle, preferably one which is separate from the scuba harness release. Exceptions to this requirement are found in saturation diving and in cave diving where a sudden ascent due to inadvertent release of the weight belt could have catastrophic consequences. The buckle should be easily identified by feel and therefore different from the harness buckle.

The senior author is so scared of divers carrying this equipment, that he departs the water as soon as one is observed. Sometimes the injury is to other divers, sometimes to the spear fisherman himself. 11. He managed to spear himself with the spear (seen as the white rod in the X-ray) penetrating his soft palate, the optic chiasm (nerves to the eye), the sinus and a lot of the frontal part of his brain (which he probably was not using, as he possessed this implement). Chapter 5 — 8 COMPRESSED GAS DIVING EQUIPMENT The use of this equipment has given divers a high degree of freedom underwater and the capacity to go deep and stay there for long periods of time.

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