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By Benno Herzog

This publication offers post-Marxist theoretical ways in the direction of social critique and provides discourse analytical instruments for severe examine. How is a normative critique attainable? the writer, operating on the crossroads of sociological discourse research and social philosophy, solutions this query and others to teach how empirical discourse learn can be utilized to strengthen normative critique of societies. Divided into 3 significant sections, Herzog introduces the reader to the theoretical ways to critique, offers instruments for normative reviews of social buildings, and eventually deals functional examples of theoretical strategies. The publication might be of curiosity to these operating within the fields and subfields of discourse research, poststructuralism, hegemony conception, cultural political financial system and demanding concept, with an interdisciplinary orientation.<

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Thus, for example, a medical student’s apparently objective marks do not 36 Discourse Analysis as Social Critique precisely indicate the student’s real and individual learning performance and life achievements. The son of a medical professor and a lawyer who always had sufficient cultural and material capital5 to enable him to study under ideal conditions is compared via the grading system with a female, working-class student who is the child of immigrants and who first had to learn the language and then had to work to finance her coursework.

Nonetheless, the proposal I made here with the example of the consequences of the merit principles is slightly different from Romero’s suggestion. I propose not to use an alternative or emancipator form of merit nor a re-interpretation of the existing norm, but instead to bring the already accepted version to its logical conclusion. The principle of non-discrimination is already accepted, although in practice, it is not yet completely abolished, which, as we have seen, is caused by systematic resistance.

However, Engels—and later Marx, in an extensive and (during his lifetime) unpublished response (Marx 1958: 101–472)—disagrees with Stirner about the consequence of that observation. Whereas for Stirner, the starting point for critique is the concrete individual, for Marx and Engels, these individuals are the products of social relations. In the same letter, Engels writes the following about Stirner’s proposal: “This egoism is only the essence of the actual society and the actual mankind made conscious; it is the last thing what the actual society can say against us” (Engels 1963: 11).

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