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By Johannes Von Damaskos

A protracted occidental culture has appeared the Greek monastic romance Barlaam and Josaphat because the paintings of John Damascene, and the 1st severe variation of the paintings looks now within the corpus of his writings. in general - as turned obvious in the course of the modifying - it's a paintings from the overdue tenth century, and the writer is nearly definitely the Georgian Abbot Euthymios from Mount Athos. the tale is going again to the lifetime of Buddha and is set the son of an Indian king, who, after guide via a religious ascetic, himself turns into a hermit; this Greek model is thought of as the main discovered remedy of fabric which has passed through many international religions (Buddhism, Manichaeism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity).

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Balavar. c. 5 (Lang p. 61,33) 41 Nunˆ – 51 p£ntaj cf. Balavar. c. 5 (Lang p. 61,38-62,2) 37 t¾n – ¢gnoîn = Sym. , Pass. ss. Serg. et Bacchi 2 (1008 B 4-5) 38 ¢p…qana – 39 de‹ = Sym. , Pass. ss. Serg. et Bacchi 2 (1008 B 10-12) 39 dokim£sai – dieskšyato = Sym. , Pass. ss. Serg. et Bacchi 2 (1008 C 1-2) ACD E'FGHIJK LMN(O)(O') QR'SU1U2V W1W2Kech. XYZ 34 proa…resin add. kaˆ U2 35 ™ke…nJ – bouleus£menoj om. U1 bouleus£menoj] bouleusamšnJ Qc (p. ) dèseie] dèsei W1W2(p. )Kech. ¢nab£llesqai HLMNOU1VW1W2 ¢nalabšsqai S 36 ¢lhqÁ – ™ke‹noi] ¢lhqeÚontej oátoi Mc (p.

L 80 proteqe‹san] prosteqe‹san DE'HILMO'SW1Kech. Ðmil…an doler¦n W1 kaˆ – 82 ™nede…xato om. XYZ m{n ¢gaq¦ om. U1 81 tÍ – ¢lloièsei] t¾n toà prosèpou qšan ¢lloièsaj K 82 ™ndomucoàsan] œndon mucoàsan S 34 &# ' '#  Historia Barlaam et Ioasaph – 4 885 `O d{ pšnhj ™ke‹noj kaˆ ¢sqen¾j diaskey£menoj œfh: »GnwstÕn œstw soi, ™ndoxÒtate, ponhr¦n œcein prÕj s{ ØpÒlhyin tÕn basilša, æj Óti katasce‹n aÙtoà t¾n basile…an zhte‹j, kaˆ peir£zwn se e"pen ¤per e"pen. 'Anast¦j oân kaˆ ke…raj sou t¾n kÒmhn kaˆ ™kbalën t¦ lampr¦ ƒm£tia taàta, tr…cina d{ ¢mfias£menoj, ¤ma prw% prÒselqe tù basile‹.

13,5 in Hbr (PG 63, 109,22) 4 “ Oqen – 5 Ãn cf. Balavar. c. 5 (Lang p. 60,35-38) 9 eØr…skei – 23 ¢pestšrhsen cf. Balavar. c. 5 (Lang p. 61,1-16) ACD E'FGHIJK LMNO QR'SU1U2V W1W2Kech. XYZ 4 2 b…on] trÒpon U2' (U2 b…on) 3 lanq£nwn add. d{ W1Kech. 4 tÕn om. N basilša add. ›neken K parrhs…aj] parrhs…a L parrhs…aj add. kaˆ timÁj W1Kech. parrhs…aj toÚtJ om. Y toÚtJ] toàton GI toÚtJ om. LMNOU1U2W1XZ bask»nantej] baska…nontej SXYZ bask»nantej] bask»santej Kech. XYZ toàto – 6 d»] Ð ¢gaqÕj ™ke‹noj ¢n»r U2 6 pote d¾ K aÙtù] aÙtoà S aÙtù om.

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