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By J. Buckingham (auth.), J. Buckingham (eds.)

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9 in MeOH). C. et a/, J. Org. 838 C35H 580 9 Macrolide antibiotic. Prod. by Streptomyces griseus ssp. sulphuris. Active against gram-positive bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Amorph. powder. Mp 103-106° dec. 0 19 -Me: [88899-54-1]. Bafilomycin A 2 Artifact formed during isolation procedure. Mp 1161190 dec. 0 21 -Me: [82620-99-3]. 865 Prod. by S. sp. MA5038. Active against insects, worms and nematodes. 0 21 -Ac: [88899-58-5]. Bafilomycin D 1 Semisynthetic. Shows some antibiotic activity. 0 7 ,021 -Di-Ac: [88899-57-4].

Pharrn. 652 C31H4008 Prod. by Penicillium restrictum. Antifunga1 agent. Active against Candida albicans. Re1ated to Versio1, V-00213. 652 C31 H 400 8 Prod. by P. restrictum. Antifunga1 agent. Active against C. albicans. 263 C56H 8P 2 Metab. of Ca/vatia cyathiformis. Cryst. (Me 2CO). Mp 2022040. 2 in CHC1 3). Kawahara, N. et al, Chern. Pharrn. , 1993, 41, 1318 (isol, prnr, crnr) [145594-76-9, 145679-02-3, 147384-55-2, 147384-56-3] Jackson, M. et al, J. M. et al, J. 668 C31H4208 Prod. by Penicillium restrictum.

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