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By David K. Leff

Within the scorching summer season of 2004, David Leff floated clear of the regimen of lifestyle simply as Henry David Thoreau and his brother had performed of their personal small boat in 1839. Fortified with Thoreau’s observations as published in every week at the harmony and Merrimack Rivers, Leff introduced his personal thought of conscious deep shuttle to those comparable New England waterways. His first-person narrative makes use of his ecological means of having a look, of going deep instead of some distance, to teach that our outward trips are inseparable from our inward ones. How we see relies on the place we're in our lives and with whom we shuttle. Leff selected his partners properly. In consecutive trips his neighbor and buddy Alan, a veteran urban planner; his son Josh, an brisk eleven-year-old; and his sweetheart Pamela, a compassionate expert caregiver, further their views to Leff’s personal studies as a central authority reliable in ordinary assets coverage. no longer lots sight seeing as sight looking, jointly they explored a geography of the mind's eye in addition to the wealthy common and human histories of the rivers and their groups. The heightened knowledge of deep go back and forth calls for that we immerse ourselves absolutely in locations and discover that they exist in time in addition to area. Its mindfulness enriches the adventure and makes the voyager worthwhile of the adventure. Leff’s fascinating, contemplative deep go back and forth alongside those ancient rivers offers a strategy for exploration that may enhance any journey.

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The Concord reach extends some six river miles and contains about 1,400 acres of the refuge’s 3,600. Most of the protected land is along the east bank until the Carlisle Road crosses the river about three miles downstream. Just beyond the bridge, both banks are within the refuge. Shortly afterward, s e e k i n g r e f u g e 43 the bulk of the property shifts to the west, the protected lands ending two miles later as the river slips into Billerica and slides beneath the Nashua Road Bridge. Not long after passing the refuge boundary sign, we spotted an area on our right where light poured through a thin curtain of trees like sunshine into a darkened room.

The look on my son’s face couldn’t have been more incredulous if I had told him he’d have to sip his urine. ” What I thought would be an edifying parable about the grand cycling of water was, in his adolescent mind, a scatological horror. My primitive knowledge of sewage treatment was no match for his imagi- s e e k i n g r e f u g e 4 1 nation. The logic of chlorination and ultraviolet light disinfection fell on deaf ears. Sometimes deep travel evokes contradictions and layers of understanding that we can’t accept.

Josh had an enfilade of questions for which I had no answers. He wanted to know what the soldiers ate, how much they slept, and what they told their wives and children when leaving home. Were their shoes comfortable for walking? Where did they get their water? Were there any doctors with the troops? This was the kind of information that couldn’t be found in most books and brochures or on signboards. Such odd little details could render history more vivid by enlivening cardboard images of the past with the daily trivialities ordinary people have cared about for centuries.

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