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By Donna Leon

Early one morning Commissario Guido Brunetti of the Venice Police confronts a grisly sight while the physique of a tender guy is fished out of a fetid canal. all of the clues element to a violent mugging, yet for Brunetti the cause of theft turns out altogether too handy. whilst whatever is stumbled on within the victim’s house that implies the life of a high-level conspiracy, Brunetti turns into confident that someone, someplace, is taking nice pains to supply a ready-made method to the crime.

Rich with surroundings and remarkable plotting, Death in an odd Country is a wonderful novel in Donna Leon’s chilling Venetian secret sequence.

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I don't want your damned cravat-pin! I can buy a hundred like it! " asked Orfeo consideringly. "For conducting yourself like a common ruffian. " Lodovico drew in his breath. Don't, Donati pleaded silently, don't insult him again, he won't stand much more. " Lodovico let fly. "How dare you defy me like this? What would you be without me? A shreds-and-patches gentleman, reduced to giving music lessons or accompanying rehearsals of third-rate opera companies! I found your voice going to seed and took you under my wing gave you the greatest singing teacher in Italy!

At last Lodovico's servant Ernesto appeared, panting from the climb up the tower. Lodovico prided himself on being able to take those stairs at a gallop, although he and Ernesto were of an age. But Ernesto was grey and grave and looked his full fifty-six years, while Lodovico was still a fine figure of a man, his hair more black than white, his hazel eyes brilliant, his tall form straight and commanding. What was more, his strength and energy were unimpaired he flattered himself that plenty of women could attest to that.

Moreover, he could do it without revealing, by either a gasp or a grimace, the iron control it required. Donati went on, "Once or twice I caught you forcing your chest voice up into your head. That won't do at all. The greatest vulgarity a singer can fall into is to sing a high note indeed, any note at the top of his voice. A tenor is not an Alpine goatherd, or a drunken gondolier. Anyone with a healthy pair of lungs can be merely loud. " Lodovico could restrain himself no longer. " he cried, coming into the room and applauding vigorously.

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