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By Peter James

Carly Chase remains to be traumatized ten days after being in a deadly site visitors coincidence that kills a teenage American pupil from Brighton University. Then she gets information that turns her complete international right into a dwelling nightmare. The drivers of the opposite autos concerned were came across tortured and murdered. Now Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police strength concerns a stark and pressing caution to Carly: She will be next.                           the scholar had lethal connections. Connections that extend around the Atlantic to the USA and an equipped crime crew. anyone has sworn revenge and won’t leisure until eventually the ultimate individual interested by that fateful twist of fate is useless. The police propose Carly her purely choice is to enter hiding and alter her identification. The terrified lady disagrees. She is familiar with those humans have methods of searching you down anywhere. If the police are not able to forestall them, she has to discover the way to do it herself. But already the killer is one step prior to her, gazing, ready, and prepared.

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The young man nodded. At least he might stay around if he was warm and dry, Pattenden reasoned. He passed the information to the Control Room, then sprinted over to the lorry, clocking a severed leg lying in the road but ignoring it for the moment, and knelt beside the paramedics. He looked briefly at the mangled, unconscious cyclist and the coiled intestines on the road, and the blood, but was too wrapped up in all he had to deal with to be affected by it at this moment. ’ he said, although he barely needed to ask the question.

She passed dozens of small shops, then a post office, a curry house, a halal butcher, a large red-brick church to the right, a used-car showroom. Immediately ahead of her was a van parked outside a kitchen appliance shop, with two men unloading a crate from the rear. It was blocking her view of a side road just beyond. She clocked a lorry that was coming towards her, a few hundred yards away, but she had plenty of space. Just as she started pulling out, her phone rang. She glanced down at the display and saw to her irritation that it was Preston Dave calling.

Two more paramedics he knew wheeled an empty trolley out past him. He hurried along to the admittance desk, behind which were several harassed-looking people, most on them on phones, urgently reading forms or tapping at computer terminals. A male orderly with a thin fuzz of blond hair and wearing blue scrubs, was writing on a large whiteboard on the wall. Grace leaned over the desk, desperately trying to catch someone’s attention. After an agonizingly long minute the orderly turned to him. Grace flashed his warrant card, not caring that he was on a personal matter.

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