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Каталог ножей испанской фирмы Muela. Текст практически отсутствует, поэтому незнание аборигенского языка не помешает получить вам массу эстетического удовольствия. :)

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4) Pull tag end and main line so that coiled line tightens against the eye. Trim excess. LINES & KNOTS 33 • ou can spend a small fortune on a boat equipped with all the modern electronics and outfit yourself with the best rods and reels, but if you don't have the right terminal tackle, you won't catch as many fish as you should. Novice anglers often make the mistake of overrigging - using terminal tackle that is too heavy for the type of fishing they're doing - because they don't want to risk losing a fish to a bent hook or snap.

Two or more downriggers can operate off the same sonar signal, all changing depths sim ulta neously. And trollers are no longer limited to fishing straight behind the boat. By attaching their lines to side planers or trolling boards (opposite page), they can reach fish that might have moved off to the side when the boat passed over them. Some planing devices go down as well as out. This enables deepwater anglers to cover a much wider swath of water than they otherwise would using only down riggers.

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