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By Cliff Goddard

Cross-linguistic semantics – investigating how languages package deal and exhibit meanings in a different way – is principal to the linguistic quest to appreciate the character of human language. This set of reviews explores and demonstrates cross-linguistic semantics as practised within the usual semantic metalanguage (NSM) framework, originated by way of Anna Wierzbicka. the hole chapters supply a state of the art evaluation of the NSM version, suggest numerous theoretical techniques and improve a few unique analyses in reference to names and naming, clefts and different specificational sentences, and discourse anaphora. next chapters describe and examine different phenomena in ten languages from a number of households, geographical destinations, and cultural settings world wide. 3 enormous experiences rfile how the metalanguage of NSM semantic primes might be realised in languages of commonly differing kinds: Amharic (Ethiopia), Korean, and East Cree. every one constitutes a lexicogrammatical portrait in miniature of the language involved. different chapters probe issues resembling inalienable ownership in Koromu (Papua New Guinea), epistemic verbs in Swedish, hyperpolysemy in Bunuba (Australia), the expression of "momentariness" in Berber, ethnogeometry in Makasai (East Timor), price techniques in Russian, and “virtuous feelings” in eastern. This booklet can be useful for linguists engaged on language description, lexical semantics, or the semantics of grammar, for complex scholars of linguistics, and for others drawn to language universals and language range.

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