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By Robert Rentoul Reed Jr.

Divine retribution, Robert Reed argues, is a relevant driver in Shakespeare's English background performs and 3 of his significant tragedies. Reed reveals facts of the playwright's starting to be ingenuity and maturing ability in his remedy of the crime of political murder, its impression on occasions, and God's judgment at the criminal.

Reed's research focuses upon Tudor innovations that he indicates have been ordinary to all Elizabethans―the biblical precept of inherited guilt, the doctrine that God is the fountainhead of retribution, with guy basically His device, and the view that moral sense serves a essentially divine function―and he urges us to examine Shakespeare in the context of his time, fending off the too-frequent tendency of twentieth-century critics to strength a latest international view at the plays.

Heaven's energy of vengeance presents a vital unifying subject matter to the performs of the 2 ancient tetralogies, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, and Macbeth. through interpreting those performs within the mild of values held by means of Shakespeare's contemporaries, Reed has made a considerable contribution towards clarifying our realizing of the performs and of Elizabethan England.

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Only in later centuries, especially in England and France, were the principles of vengeance, as we find them in both the Tudor chronicles and Shakespeare's plays, to assume a biblically oriented function: the trial by combat, introduced by the Normans into England, added to the punitive purpose of the AngloSaxon vendetta the requirement of a judgment made by God upon the guilt or innocence of the defendant. W. Jeudwine, did not become all-knowing and allpowerful, in the minds of the people, until "the idea of the king as author of law and conservator of national military power" had been firmly established.

Is Lear perhaps the enlightened pagan to whom even the gods must ultimately conform? Or does the change lie in something altogether outside the gods' natures? The judgments of the final scene, moreover, suggest that Shakespeare, in depicting them, had in mind Lear's former instructions to the storm gods; the lecher, the murderer, and the treacherous "caitiff," identified by Lear, are also conspicuous victims of the judgments. The first of the present statements on divine judgment-that by Edgar-is constructed on a double entendre, for while one judgment is explicitly explained, the second judgment, which is now of more immediate concern, is only implied.

39 In the light of the statements provided by both West and Hunter, let us consider the roles played by Carlisle in Richard II and by Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, in Richard III. Carlisle, "stirred up by God," makes a long-range prophecy, in which he details the catastrophe that will beset England in the third generation, but only if Henry Bolingbroke usurps the crown. That Carlisle is actually inspired is proven, as Shakespeare meant it to be, by the exceptional accuracy of the prophecy. He has become, for the mo- 32 SHAKESPEARE'S EIGHT-PART EPIC ment, a participant in the "awesome mystery" which is God or the outer world controlled by God.

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