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By Brian Vickers

Brian Vickers addresses the basic problems with what Shakespeare truly wrote, and the way this is often made up our minds. lately Shakespeare's authorship has been claimed for 2 poems, the lyric "Shall I die?" and A Funerall Elegye. those attributions were approved into convinced significant versions of Shakespeare's works. via a brand new exam of the facts, Professor Vickers exhibits that neither poem has the stylistic and creative traits we go together with Shakespeare. He identifies the poet and dramatist John Ford because the real writer of the Elegye.

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Gary Taylor finds a poem keeping to this measure). With my corrected arrangement we have an eight-line stanza, with four rhymed, four un-rhymed lines, giving the rhyme-scheme abcbdefe, and a syllable-count of        . The first arrangement is unsymmetrical and awkward; the second falls tidily into two groups of four lines. The study of stanza-patterns in English Renaissance poetry is in its infancy, with a few honourable exceptions.  Similarly, the detailed survey carried out in a recent and pioneering dissertation by M.

All the world: [emendation by Taylor of the MS. , of a beloved’s physical attractions)  parts . . asunder: (Henry V Pro. ) Taylor conceded that These parallels vary widely in quality and importance. No one will suppose that Shakespeare is the only author to have called lips ‘red’ (); but it is worth knowing that he did use so conventional an adjective so often – and that three of the other four examples occur, as does this one, in the midst of a catalogue of physical attractions.

Sharing his disbelief, I would point out that the only comparable passage in Shakespeare having so many repetitions of the word ‘fair’ occurs in Troilus and Cressida, in the scene where Pandarus visits Paris, Helen, and their entourage: Pandarus. Fair be to you, my lord, and to all this fair company! fair desires, in all fair measure, fairly guide them! Especially to you, fair queen, fair thoughts be to your fair pillow! Helen. Dear Lord, you are full of fair words. Pandarus. You speak your fair pleasure, sweet queen.

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