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Page 21 North Carolina, we talked a lot about science and archaeology and that sort of thing. So Stanley South was really important. Right off the bat, he and I both came in conflict with another student, John Grant. He was a student of Margaret Mead's in ethnography and had done his undergraduate work at Columbia [University] and worked with Mead and all this [Erik] Erikson/ Mead business in culture and personality. He was forever pushing that this was the way to go. Stanley and Icoming out of a natural science backgroundjust listened to this as gobbledegook.

My plan was to use parts of the transcription of the interviews for an article in a popular science magazine. Lew agreed to the interviews, understanding my goal. I never submitted the article to a magazine, one reason being that the editor of Science '82 informed me that he never accepted a biographical article written by a friend of the subject. Since this initial, discouraging experience, I have been looking for the right place to publish the interviews. Hoping to keep them as close to the original as possible, I decided that they should stand on their own merit: they allow the reader to learn Lew's answers to the questions posed above.

Here's the history of the French system, and then you see him in Movius's article [1953] in Kroeber's volume explain the whole Bordian system in here. Here's Bordes's system being explained by Movius to New World people. And nobody had ever heard of Bordes before this article and before F. Clark Howell began to push. Howell learned about Bordes from Movius. This was certainly the most influ- Page 29 ential article of its time. That was where I learned about Bordesfrom Movius's article. I went to France to see Bordes first in '64.

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