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An vital scienti?c innovation hardly makes its manner by means of steadily successful over and changing its competitors. . . What does ensue is that its competitors die out and that the becoming iteration is familiarised with the belief from the start. (Max Planck, 1936) people have constantly tried to in?uence their surroundings. certainly, it sort of feels most probably that the knowledge of elements of this surroundings, and its regulate, even if through trial-and-error or by way of genuine learn and research, are the most important to the very technique of civilisation. for example, boats and ships have been used even in pre-history for ?shing, tra- port, discovery, and exchange. Small crusing craft are managed basically by means of operating the main-sheet and rudder in conjunction. as soon as mastered, extra experimentation (see e. g. the ?fth bankruptcy of the Kon Tiki day trip, with an exciting account of the prospective use of a number of movable centerboards on a crusing raft) resulted in a - sic swap: keeled hulls and corresponding rigging, which made crusing opposed to the wind attainable. This was once a comparatively fresh characteristic: even the far-voyaging Vikings relied totally on beachable ships and recourse to oars. It was once most likely an important within the west-to-east cost of Oceania, from Taiwan to Easter Island. A twentieth century improvement is the self-steering gadget, which regulates boat go back and forth au- matically less than mildly various wind stipulations; yet this has had a way smaller social impact.

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Obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for forward uniqueness of 0 in terms of 0 and −0 of 1/f(x). ) Check whether this matches your answer in Exercise 2. 8. Treat similarly the case that f(x) = 0 for x ≤ 0, f(x) = 0 for small x > 0. 9. Within Example 1 find situations where initial values pm → p but not xm → x for corresponding solutions. We return to ODEs in n–space; Exercises 10–12 concern the concept of positive escape time, referred to points rather than solutions. 10. , for all initial points p).

15. 3. 16. In parallel with (1) consider the ODE y˙ = φ (y) · f(y) (13) with continuous scalar-valued φ : Rn → R1 . Show that the solutions y(·) of (13) are re-parametrisations, y(t) = x(θ (t)), of solutions x(·) of (1), at least in regions where f and φ do not vanish. 17. Referring to (1), a point p is called a critical point (or rest, stationary, singular point) if the constant function p is a solution. Prove that a necessary and sufficient condition for this is that f(p) = 0; conclude that the set of critical points is closed.

6. Show that the conclusion in Lemma 3 is actually uniform equicontinuity. Also verify that the family from Exercise 4 is not uniformly equicontinuous on [0,1), but is such on each [0, 1 − ) with > 0. 7. Lemma 3 has no “pointwise” version. Indeed, the sequence kt2 has bounded derivatives at t = 0, but is not equicontinuous at t = 0. 8. Prove the following version of Theorem 6 (on normal families). Suppose F is equicontinuous on J. Then every sequence in F has a subsequence which either converges in J, or diverges to ∞ in J, both uniformly on compact subsets.

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