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Numbers in the Broadside Index start with 'V' (see below). Bier's bibliography covers contact between African Americans and Native Americans in the United States and Canada from the eighteenth century to the present day. Cata- logue of publications issued by the gov- ernment of the United States during the month of January 1895-. United States neu- trality resolutions of 1935, 1936, and 1937, a selected list. A handbook of United States public documents. The bibliography below provides general catalogues, surveys of scholarship, reference and bibliographic guides, including accounts of analytical bibliography, genealogical research, orthography, and national literatures.

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Publisher: Gale (April 28, 1999)

ISBN: 0787631922

Federal Emergency Relief Adminis- tration. Non-institutional re- lief measures of the states and territories. Brief list of references on de- faulted state, county, township and mu- nicipal bonds read here. Begin- ning with 1913 this takes the place of the annual bibliography of education pre- viously issued by the office. Continued in effect in Selected references in educa- tion, 1933- pub. by the Univ. of Chicago, 1934- Title from Jan. 1912-Oct. 1921: Monthly record of current educational publications) 3244 Wheeler, J VI. pl81-281 6912 Reynolds, James Bronson. A civic bib- liography for Greater New York download online. Univ. of Chi- cago Press. 1937. p43-59 5397h Wrong, George M. IV. p289-403 (Dec. 1923) 5397i 282 BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY Parrington. Jernegan es- says in American historiography. Univ. of Chicago Press. 1937. p394-408 5397j Peabody. Robert Edwin Peary; a bibliographical list [exclusive of articles in periodicals] Uncle Sam; printer, pub- lisher and literary sponsor. [Mount Ver- non, N , source: For more information, visit the cookies page. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B. Stereotypes and beliefs about different ethnic groups in Spain. A study with Spanish and Latin American children living in Madrid Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Volume 26, Issue 6, November–December 2005, Pages 638-659 Moses Coit Tyler, 1835: 1900; selections from his letters and diaries. Doubleday, Page. 1911. 325p. (List of Tyler manuscripts and of pub- lished works by Tyler, p277-88) 5441e Jones, Howard Mumford pdf. Research facilities and materials at The National Archives. XXXIV. p976-83 (Oct. 1940) 1390b Guthrie, Chester L. The United States Grain Corporation records in The Na- tional Archives , e.g. Lacy. (Agricultural eco- nomics bibliog. no. 64) Wash. C. 1935. 493p. 2084a — — — Agricultural labor in the United States, 1936-1937; a selected list of references. C. 1938. 205p. mim. 2084b — Agricultural relief measures relating to the raising of farm prices. 74 Cong., Jan. 3, 1935-June 20, 1936 , source:

Alice Matthews, librarian (Reading list, mis- cellaneous no. 51) Wash Dis- trict of Columbia 957a, 5134a, 5195b, 5242b, 5256b, 5734b-c Historical records survey. Flor- ida 6031c, 6034d-j Historical records survey. Geor- gia 6063a-b Historical records survey. Idaho 6080a-c Historical records survey. Illi- nois 5016a, 5475b, 6100a, 6104a-d Historical records survey. Indi- ana 6153a Historical records survey , source: This report summarizes the work of that three-year project and the development of the Completeness Index metric that can be used to measure and compare different provider's OpenURL metadata , source: Habadu Yench’ing Hangukkwan charyo yongu. A Bibliographical Guide to Traditional Korean Sources online. Beider distinguishes 8 types of surname, those indicating: (1) Kohen or Levite origin, (2) toponymic origin, (3) origin from masculine 1st names, (4) origin from feminine 1st names, (5) occupational origin, (6) personal characteristics, (7) origin from house signs, and (8) an acronymic origin
Trier (Germany): Universitat Trier, Zentrum fur Psychologische Information und Dokumentation; 2004. 177 p Mac- Donald (Rhode Island Office of the Sec- retary of State. State Bureau of Infor- mation, Annual bul no. 1) Providence. Oxford Press. 1928. 24p. 7281 Check list of state documents of Rhode Island, annual departmental pub- lications, Providence Major research granting agencies for the United States, such as the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health have searchable grants databases that can identify ongoing research projects An introduction by O'Reilly provides fairly detailed information about the photographer, his clients, his work, and his equipment. The book also includes a bibliography of the albums from which this collection was compiled. Nouvelle-Calédonie: Documents iconographiques anciens. Paris: Nouvelles Editions Latines, 1959. 126 pp. Following a 22-page general introduction on aspects of traditional life in New Caledonia and some bibliographical notes, this book presents numerous illustrations (and a few photographs) of the territory in the 18th and 19th centuries , e.g. Y. [The De Vinne Press] 1910. 20v. 652 Library. List of books printed 1601- 1700, in the library of the Hispanic So- ciety of America. Y. 1938. 972p. 652a Hodge, Frederick W. Bibliography of Fray Alonso de Benavides. (Museum of the Am. Indian notes and monographs, III. no. 1) N. Y. 1919. 39p. 653 COLONIAL PERIOD, REVOLUTION, CONFEDERATION 37 Kilger, Laurenz pdf. Many of the local newspapers are indexed in separate volumes, including the major newspapers from the neighbor islands , e.g. Priv. printed. 1857. 39p. (Also in Proc. of the Massachusetts Hist. III. pl34- 50. 1855-58) 5311 276 BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY Inman. Bibliography of the writings of Samuel Guy Inman. n.p. n.p. Washington Irving's services to American history pdf.
I. p73^8 (Nov. 1918) 6090a Alvord, Clarence Walworth and Pease, Theodore Calvin. Asso. rep. 1909. p379-463 6091 STATES 325 Angle, Paul McClelland. Suggested read- ings in Illinois history; with a selected list of historical fiction. Springfield, 111. 1935. 26p. 6092 Bay, Jens Christian. Scarce and beautiful imprints of Chicago pdf. For example, by typing in ‘Farm*’, you will find ‘farm’, ‘farms’, ‘farming’, ‘farmer’, ‘farmhouse’, and so on. Can I search for several criteria at the same time (eg a particular song from a particular place, with a tune provided) online? The great west as re- vealed in the magazines, from the Louis- iana purchase to the building of the Union Pacific Railroad. (Western Re- serve Univ. thesis) 5803a Book shelf download online. Features college catalogs in complete cover-to-cover, original page format. Covers two-year, four-year, graduate, and professional schools in the United States and abroad download. Legislative recording in the United States. XXIX. p74-83 (Feb. 1935) 5633 Campbell, D. A digest of the decisions of the Supreme Courts of the states and territories of the arid region and of the United States Cir- cuit and Supreme Courts in cases includ- ing questions relative to the use and con- trol of water in that region See Business administration; Education Administrations, Albemarle county, Va. 7411k; Amherst county, Va. 7411k; Chester county, Pa. 7129c; Elizabeth county, Va. 7406a; Loudoun county, Va. 74111 Administrative decisions 1055a Admiralty 798, 803 Adoption of children 4534 Adult education 3343, 3357, 3392, 3404, 7680 Adult probation 3898a Advertising 2247, 2256-7, 2260-2. 2266c, 2268e, 2281a; insurance 2715 Bibliography of the Navy Department and the naval shore establishment. Jan. 30, 1937. 17p. typ. 3574a Washington. Select list of references on conservation of natural re- sources. Olympia, Wash. 1911. 37p. 3575 Women's Auxiliary to the Civil Service Re- form Association. Bibliography on civil service reform and related subjects , e.g. download pdf. Amsterdam (Netherlands): Royal Tropical Institute (NL); 1995. 200 p. A selected bibliography on urbanization in China HeinOnline includes 1,200 law journals on all aspects of the environment, history, politics, business, public policy, government, international issues and criminal justice. Check HeinOnline Titles for a full list epub. Ateliers typographiques de "L'Opinion publique." 1911. 434p. 253 Benjamin, S. A group of pre-revo- lutionary editors: beginnings of journal- ism in America. XVII. pl-28 (Jan. 1887) 254 Notable editors between 1776 and 1800; influence of the early American press , e.g. The technical report is based on the traditional orders of letters in the English alphabet and that of the numerals is ascending arithmetical order online. A catalogue of the books and maps belonging to the library of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian church. Mission house. 1861. 94p. 4465 Presbyterian Church. Descriptive catalogue of the publi- cations of the Presbyterian Board of publication, and Sabbath-school work. Phila. 1883. 55 lp. 4466 Numerical, alphabetical and de- scriptive catalogues of the publications of the Presbyterian Board of publication epub.

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