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By Samuel L. Bayer

First released in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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The only explanation available to us is that the boys and the girls is a set of two elements: the set of boys and the set of girls. In the multi-level set account, this internal structure is easily constructed; in the sum account, on the other hand, there is no internal structure, so a parallel account of both is impossible in that theory. In this thesis, I will be concerned neither with the semantics of these complex plurals nor with the semantics of mass nouns. I will adopt a one-level sum account in much of the discussion to follow, both because a one-level account is simpler and because a sum account maintains a rigid mechanical distinction between predicates (which are sets in either account) and plurals (which are sets in the set account, nonatomic individuals in the sum account).

It's very hard to tell. In Rothstein's analysis, for instance, the universal quantifier in the adjunct phrase clearly has the main clause within its scope, and so the natural interpretation of the pronoun is as a bound pronoun. My only goal here is to point out the question; determining the answer is not relevant to the issue of establishing reference to events. Another possible alternative is Montague's construction of events as properties of moments of time, defined intensionally in Montague (1969).

As a backdrop to this question, I willfirstestablish that reference to Davidsonian elements does not change the basic properties of adverbial quantification. 37) Every time the train broke down, the conductor saw it. If there are many breakdowns, there must be a Davidsonian element of seeing for each one. 38a) Dolphins are truly remarkable. When a trainer trains a dolphin, it usually takes less than an hour. 38b) Trainers from here are absolutely remarkable with all sorts of animals. For example, when a trainer from here trains a dolphin, it usually takes less than an hour.

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