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By Patrick Saint-Dizier, Evelyn Viegas

Computational Lexical Semantics is likely one of the first volumes to supply types for the production of varied types of automatic lexicons for the automated therapy of typical language, with functions to, between different issues, laptop translation, automated indexing, database front-ends, and information extraction. It specializes in semantic matters, as noticeable by means of linguists, psychologists, and machine scientists. in addition to describing educational study, the ebook additionally covers ongoing commercial tasks.

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A green novel is a trifle odd, ein interessantes Buck is perfectly normal. a pretty shop (in the sense of having pretty assistants)? eine freundlicher Geschdft, whereas ein freundlicher Laden is normal, and has the same interpretation as the parallel English construction? I assume that the answers to at least some of these questions lie in the way the meanings of the words are represented in the cognitive system. 4 Polysemy and cognitive linguistics The framework within which I want to consider the facts that I have just described is that of cognitive linguistics.

C) They give rise to identity constraints and the possibility of independent sets of truth conditions (see the discussion of examples 12 and 13). (d) Multi-faceted words are not themselves ambiguous, but they may give rise to ambiguous phrases. For instance, a long book can mean either a long text, as in This book is too long to read in one day, or a long physical object, as in This book is too long to fit between those two shelves; these two readings of the phrase are fully antagonistic. There are similarly two antagonistic readings of a new book, depending on whether new modifies [TEXT] or [TOME].

Examples 3 and 4 exemplify a slightly different type of contextual enrichment, in that the extra specificity in context is of a meronymous rather than a hyponymous type: 3. 4. John washed the car. The mechanic lubricated the car. The different actions performed on the car allow us to infer that the agents were occupied with different parts of the car in each case. Here the different readings are not even clearly conceptualizable, and one can envisage numbers of verbs each evoking a slightly different portion of the car.

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