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By J. Salazar-Carrillo, D. S. Prasada Rao

Contained during this publication are experiences regarding the computation of buying energy parities for evaluating actual source of revenue and product between Latin American nations. The significant parts of source of revenue and product comparisons are mentioned: from designing and executing benchmark reviews, to extrapolating effects for non-benchmark years. diverse comparative equipment and size recommendations, together with index quantity formulations, are thought of. Comparisons of Latin nations with different international locations also are undertaken. This quantity goals to light up the thorny theoretical and methodological matters taken with neighborhood comparisons, and to facilitate the sensible program of the comparative method of the numerous sided coverage difficulties generated through a speedily integrating overseas economic climate

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Jorge Salazar-Carrillo (1978) : "Notas metodologicas p a r a Comparaciones de Alquileres de Vivienda", Resumen del XXVIII Seminario ECIEL, Rio de Janeiro. Jorge Salazar-Carrillo (1979) : "Comparisons of construction costs in Latin America", Latin American Research Review, Jorge Salazar-Carrillo (1979) : "Metodologia Sobre Medidas de Politica Economica en Centroamerica y sus Efectos sobre los Precios", revista de Economia Latinoamericana, Latin American Comparisons: Methods 45 APPENDIX I Classification used for grouping expenditure and Price Data Gross domestic Product PRIVATE CONSUMPTION Food Meat Fish Dairy products and eggs Cereals and derivates Fruits Vegetables Oils and fats Other foods Away-from-home food Beverages Tobacco Clothing, textiles and footwear Clothing for men and boys Clothing for women and girls Household materials and articles Footwear Housing Fuel,electricity and water Durable goods Household furniture and utensils Automobile accessories Electrical or similar home appliances Non-durable goods Non-durable household supplies Pharmaceutical, personal care and hygiene products, educational and recreational materials Services Transport and communications 46 Health services Personal a n d other services PUBLIC CONSUMPTION Wages and salaries Technical personnel Wages a n d salaries, Ministry of E d u c a t i o n Wages a n d salaries, Ministry of Health Wages a n d salaries, Ministry of t h e Interior Wages a n d salaries, other Ministries Administrative personnel Wages a n d salaries, Ministry of E d u c a t i o n Wages and salaries, Ministry of Health Wages a n d salaries, Ministry of t h e Interior Wages a n d salaries, other Ministries P u r c h a s e of current goods and services Foods, beverages a n d tobacco Clothing a n d textiles Rent Fuel, electricity and water T r a n s p o r t a t i o n a n d communications I n t e r m e d i a t e goods O t h e r goods O t h e r services CAPITAL FORMATION Machinery a n d equipment T r a n s p o r t a t i o n a n d communications A u t o m o t i v e vehicles Non-automotive vehicles Coramunication a p p a r a t u s O t h e r machinery a n d equipment Tractors a n d accessories Salazar-Carrillo Latin Amencan Compansons: Methods Construction a n d mining machinery Internal combustion engines Electrical machinery a n d equipment Machine tools P r i n t i n g and copying machinery O t h e r machinery Construction Residential buildings Non-residential buildings Infrastructure 47 Salazar-Carnllo 48 A P P E N D I X II List of P r o d u c t s Included in t h e P r i v a t e C o n s u m p t i o n Sample, 1979 Beef, first class Beef, second class Liver Porkchop Lambchop Chicken Cooked h a m Salami Mortadella Sausages Fish, first class Fish, t h i r d class T u n a , canned Sardines, canned Shrimps, frozen Mük, fresh Milk, evaporated Milk, powdered Milk, unpasteurized Butter Cheese, creamy Cheese, grated Cheese, fresh Ice cream Eggs, fresh Rice Cornflour Cornstarch Wheatflour Pasta Spaghetti B r e a d , french Bread, white Biscuits, salt Bread, ordinary Oats Peanuts Candy Cornflakes Papalinas Oranges Lemons Apples Grapes Peache, canned Pineapple, canned Potatoes Sweet P o t a t o e s Carrots Onions Green P e p p e r Tomatoes Cabbage Lettuce Beans T o m a t o sauce P e a s , canned Sugar Sugar, brown Jelly, fruit J a m , strawberry Margarine L a r d , vegetable Lard Oil, vegetable Soup, powdered Coffee Coffee, instant Tea Chocolate, powder Pepper Garlic Salt Salt, table Vinegar Sandwich Beefsteak with p o t a t o e s Milk away from h o m e Hot dog Soft drink, c a r b o n a t e d Mineral W a t e r Wine, bottled Beer Vermouth Latin American Compansons: Rum Gin Soft drink, c a r b o n a t e d .

However, it m a y be impossible in some countries t o find t h e models suggested. In such cases, a substitute model whose specifications closely m a t c h those of t h e model of any good is s u b s t i t u t e d for the model suggested, its specification should be recorded as fully as possible in the space provided Latin Amencan Compansons: Methods 59 for t h a t purpose, marked " s u b s t i t u t e m o d e l " , on t h e corresponding page of the questionnaire. In these cases it is essential to a d d a list or sheet of technical specifications t h a t will serve as reference for any other necessary information.

Before t h e prices are collected, each institution should decide, in t h e light of t h e characteristics of its country, whether t h e owner or t h e person responsible for t h e shops or outlets t o b e surveyed are t o b e consulted. In any event, if it is decided t h a t permission should b e asked it should be only Latin Amencan Compansons: Methods 55 done just before t h e survey in order to present possible price changes. b) Confidentiality of T h e Information All t h e information shoidd b e t r e a t e d as confidential, a n d no figure ob­ tained from a seller should b e revealed to another.

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