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By P. L. Gaus

A compulsively readable new sequence that explores a desirable tradition set purposely aside. within the wooded Amish hill nation, a professor at a small collage, an area pastor, and the county sheriff are the single ones one of the mainstream, or "English," who own the instincts and talents to paintings the circumstances that influence all county citizens, irrespective of their code of behavior or non secular creed. A deadly twist of fate concerning and Amish buggy and an eighteen-wheeler units Professor Michael Branden on a quest to discover the hyperlinks among the crash and a spate of aggravating occasions.

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Ray and Kaye Fonte, Pastor Dean Troyer, and Eli Troyer—good friends, able advisors. M. PROFESSOR Michael Branden, driving a black Amish buggy, worked his horse at a walk along Walnut Creek Township Lane T-414, just north of Indian Trail Creek in Holmes County, Ohio, on a sweltering Monday afternoon early in August. Coming up to one of the short stretches of blacktop laid in front of a house to cut the dust, he slowed the horse and rolled gently onto the pavement. The buggy rocked and swayed from side to side on its light oval springs, and the iron wheels cut sharp lines through the tar blisters in the blacktop.

Andy peered into Cal’s narrowed eyes, laid a hand on his shoulder, and said, “It’s bigger now, Cal. ” “I know. ” Cal fell silent and thought about the difficulties they would face. “This will prove dangerous. ” “I don’t intend to take on the whole of it, Cal. Just get my own people out. M. SHERIFF Robertson was laid out, face down, on one of the metal hospital beds in the emergency room of Joel Pomerene Hospital in Millersburg. His large chest and belly sprawled over the white sheets, and his shoulders bulged over the metal railings on either side.

Cab upside down in the ditch. ” “On their way,” Ellie said, managing to sound calm. “Schrauzer’s unit is up there right in the middle of the whole thing,” Robertson shouted into the microphone. “Can’t see him anywhere. Going closer, Ellie. ” The mic clicked off for a bit and then Robertson called in again, more subdued. ” Branden pulled his buggy up sharply, set the hand brake, scrambled down onto the driveway, and took the radio off the buggy seat. He paced in a circle on the drive as he made his call.

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