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This work offers 200 analyses of Francophone women writers written by French and North American critics as well as around 900 bibliographies of authors written by the editors themselves. The "Custom Search" allows you to search using other criteria, such as birth date or nationality. Son of Gun In Cheek: An Affectionate Guide to More of the "Worst" in Mystery Fiction.... Also indexes major anthologies and surveys. Clark Univ. press. 1917. 34p. 3219 California. Carnegie Inst, of Wash. 1909. 393p. 6103 Heinl, Frank J.

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The History of the Book in Canada: A Bibliography. Bartlett, Mark C., with assistance from Karen Smith, et al. (comp.). Pre-1701 Imprints in Nova Scotia Collections. Early American Scientific and Technical Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides. The Control and Censorship of Caroline Drama: The Records of Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels, 1623-73 ref.: Lib. 1918. 97p. (Reprinted with additions from the Bui. A new source of Ameri- can naval history. LVI. p588-90 (July 1930) (Purchase of MS. letter book) 4117 Krafft, Herman F. Catalogue of historic objects at the United States Naval Acad- emy. Co.] 1925. 250p. (Contains material on MSS. Library has MS. additions and new accessions to Jan. 15, 1929 by Krafft) 4118 Lincoln, C Bul. 372, 409, 444, 495, 525, 545, 584, 617, 645, 665, 684, 698, 731, 758, 802, 823) Wash. Off. 1909-31 2860 Geologic literature on North Ameri- ca, 1785-1918. (U. Off. 1923-24. 1167, 658p. 2861 Sawyer, Rollin A., Jr. Nationalization of coal mines; a list of references in the New York Public Library In A his- tory of the American drama, from the beginning to the Civil war. Harper. 1923. p417-62 4867 Rees, James. Zieber & Co. 1845. 144p. 4867a Rockwell, Ethel T. Historical pageantry; a treatise and a bibliography. (The State Hist download. Department of archives and history 7476-9, 7708, 7803 West Virginia. Geological sur- vev 7479a West Virginia. University 456, 1452a, 7479 West Virginia. Division of documents 7481 West Virginia 7470-82; bound- ary 7434; legal publications 7397; wills 7708a Westchester county, N epub. No title or keyword index but 9 sections and 31 subsections (overall) mean it is not difficult to find what you are looking for Index to Maryland deci- sions from first Harris & McHenry to sixty-first Maryland, including Bland & Johnson. Baltimore. 1886 6374 Scisco, Louis Dow. Baltimore county rec- ords of 1665-1667. XXIV. p342-8 (Dec. 1929) (Digest of court rec- ords) 6374a Colonial records of Ann Arundell

Publicaciones medicas uruguayas de los siglos XVIII y XIX [bibliography]. Montevideo (Uruguay): Oficina del Libro AEM; 1996. 253 p. Chusu shinkeikei senten ijo bunkenshu: kore made no shinpo to kongo no kadai [Bibliographies of congenital central nervous system diseases]. Poblacion y empleo en Bolivia (bibliografia anotada) [Population and employment in Bolivia (an annotated bibliography)]. La Paz (Bolivia): Consejo Nacional de Poblacion; 1989. 414 p epub. Public libraries and pop- ular education. Home education, bul. 31. p239-64 (May 1900) 3347 Bixler, Harold Hench and others online. The Doe Library building is home to several libraries and is connected to the Main (Gardner) Stacks where the collections of the Doe and Moffitt Libraries are shelved read epub. Includes a bibliography and an index of proper names, titles, and topics online. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1933. 201p. 1768 Gooch, George Peabody ref.: download online.
Anthologie de la littérature féminine d'Afrique noire francophone. Abidjan: Les Editions Bognini, 1994. 347 pp. Selections from novels, theater, and poetry published by African women writers since 1960. Includes notes on each of the authors represented and a bibliography of primary and secondary sources download. Duff Green. 1832. 152p. 1108 Digested summary and al- phabetical list of private claims which have been presented to the House of Representatives from the first to the fifty-first Congress, inclusive, exhibiting the action of Congress on each claim, with references to the journals, reports, bills, &c. elucidating its progress , source: One foregrounds the past, the other the present. So, for example, the connections between Texts A and D might only be obvious once a common ancestor (or more than one) has been identified. The 'historical' perspective would regard this as sufficient evidence for regarding them as the same song, but the 'as collected' perspective would not download for free. C. 1940. 26p. mim. 2173a Foreign competition with American cotton; selected list of recent references (1932-1934) in English. March 29, 1934] 9p. typ. 2174 Freight rates and agricul- ture; a list of references. Comp. by Minna Gill under the direction of Mary G C. 1941] 60p. 2072b Early literature of tobacco. XXXVII. p97-107 (April 1938) 2072c Bidwell, Percy W. and Falconer, John I. In History of agriculture in the northern United States, 1620-1860. (Carnegie Inst, of Wash. C. 1925. p454-92 2073 Bitting, Clarence R , e.g. read for free. Electronic documents made available by the Dudley Knox Library at the Naval Postgraduate School, searchable by keyword or by topic, including general U. S. policy documents, national strategy documents, theses and research papers from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and the Naval Postgraduate School, and homeland security executive orders. Also includes notices of events and conferences pertaining to homeland security, and news items drawn from various news sources ref.: read epub.
Military papers in the Clements library. II. pl26-30 (Fall 1938) 1451d Pennington, Edgar Legare download. More about New York Times (including additional coverage)... Electronic index based on Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, the great 19th-century index of British and American periodicals. Covers nearly 2,500 scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences, from their first issues (the earliest is 1780) through 1990/1991 Bibliotheque americaine; ou catalogue des ouvrages relatifs a l'Amerique qui ont paru depuis sa decouverte jusqu'a Tan 1700. Arthus Bertrand. 1837. 191p. 539 Tromel, Paul Friedrich. Bibliotheque Americaine; catalogue raisonne d'une col- lection de livres precieux sur J'Amerique, parus depuis sa decouverte jusqu'a l'an 1700.. .. Brockhaus. 1861. 133p. 540 Valle, Rafael Heliodoro , cited: XXXIII.p328-30 (Jan. 1928) 1496b Kenney, James F. The public records of the Province of Quebec, 1763-1791. Asso. proc. 1939. p252-66 1496c Langlois, Charles V. and Stein, H. Picard. 1891. [1893] lOOOp. 1496d Larrabure y Unanue, Eugenic Les ar- chives des Indes et la Bibliotheque Co- lombine de Seville; renseignements sur leurs richesses bibliographiques et sur l'exposition d'anciens documents relatifs a l'Amerique ref.: W. 7065a Prostitution 3888, 4629, 4646 Protectorates 5525 Protestant Episcopal church 1451e-f, 4470-5, 5301b, 5734b, 5841b, 6010b, 6025a, 6354b, 6507e, 6557d, 6648b, 6719d, 6794a, 6900b, 7387b, 7470c Prothero, G. Public library 21, 6431, 7277 Providence, R. I. 7269a; printing 7269; ship registers and en- rollments 7771 Prussin, Jesse 2795b Pruyn, A. P. 3850 Psalmody 4993, 5011 Psalms 4977, 4986 Pseudonymous works 463 Pseudonyms , cited: G. 7588 Johnson, Charles 1496a Johnson, E. E. 95 Johnson, Merle 4805-6, 4913a Johnson, N. W. 1139d Johnson, Reverdy 5324a Johnson, Samuel 5324b Johnson, T. H. 5247a-b Johnson, William 5324c-d Johnson family 5324e-f Johnson, Vt. 7387c Johnson county, Kans. 6229b Johnson Island, Ohio 7087a Johnston, D. L. 6723 Johnston, Emily 7477a Johnston, H. E. 5324g Johnston, James 6071 Johnston, L Franklin Ptg. & Publishing Co. 1899. 86p. 3849 Philbrick, Francis S. Possibilities of Ameri- can legal history. National Asso. of State Lib. proc. and pap. 1933-1934. p60-78 3849a Pound, Roscoe , cited: The first part provides introductions to Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, and Tahiti and discusses some of their commonalities and differences; the second part treats the cultures and institutions of the territories; and the third part explores the current status of the area in terms of its geopolitical relationships with France and the rest of Europe, local politics, education, languages, law, economy and finance, demographics, literature, and its role in seafaring read here. Memoran- dum of local histories in the library of the American Antiquarian Society. [Wor- cester. Hamilton. 1869] 15p. 5675 American Legislators' Association Department of history and government 6334c-d Maine 102a, 106, 877, 639a-44; biography; Quoddy project 2681a Maine genealogy society 6335 Maine historical society 6325a Major, H. H. 608 Major Jacob Rink Snyder col- lection 1438c Malcolm, G , source:

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