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By Rocio Montoro

In contemporary instances, Chick Lit has risen to a definite point of prominence. this can be the 1st ebook size examine that appears into the exact positive aspects of this much-discussed genre.

Chick Lit is tested relating to its linguistic peculiarities and their position so far as narrative, sociological and feminist concerns are involved, among others. Montoro's stylistics features a cognitive slant that highlights futher readerly facets of the texts.

The method illuminates how the style works, and the way it truly is set except others. during this admire, the stylistics of chick lit is known in its contect of construction and reception. Montoro evaluates analyzing approaches and investigates readers' responsive angle to the genre.

This interdisciplinary paintings explores the limits of the stylistics of chick lit and works reflectively, taking a look at how exploring this style can assist the twofold goal of trying out present versions of linguistic and cognitive research. it is going to be crucial studying for these attracted to state-of-the-art stylistics.

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These non-fiction books are, nonetheless, still primarily aimed at a female readership and have been largely written by female authors too. So, in this respect, they still partake of two of the basic characteristics of Chick Lit (see Chapter 1 for a preliminary definition of this genre). Other than these commonalities, instances of Chick Lit non-fiction seem also to evoke the genre’s ‘attitude’, mentioned above by Yardley. Thus, the mindset, approach to life or general behaviour of Chick Lit protagonists is summoned up in non-fictional formats.

The totality of signifiers, thus, endorses the same ideational value of playfulness, frolicsomeness, perhaps even frivolity, and certainly fun. Conversations with the Fat Girl is the novel standing at the opposite end of the weight continuum, as the wording in the title uses, comparatively speaking, the lightest font in the corpus. Having said that, the principle of relative weight-ratio is also at play here; so whereas the title uses a heavier font than the wording assigned to the critical appraisal, also on the cover, the name of the author is set in the boldest letterforms.

Designs are ‘conceptualisations of the form of semiotic products and events’ (2001: 21). Production is ‘the articulation in material form of semiotic products or events, whether in the form of a prototype […] or in its final form’ (2001: 21). indd 21 30/03/2012 11:25 22 Chick Lit distribution’ (2001: 21). The new reorganization of layers suggested by Kress and van Leeuwen, however, is not without its problems either. For instance, Nørgaard claims that these four strata of meaning creation are ‘less clear when it comes to the question of how to handle the complexity of meaning making at the four different strata’ (2010b: 65).

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