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By Douglas Howard Strang

While a Swiss psychiatrist arrives at a secluded sanitarium, humans begin disappearing, one after the other till everyone seems to be gone-except one. all of the autos were sabotaged rendering them inoperable. the telephone strains were minimize and the entire lighting exit. The lone wolf is left to fend for himself. Will he be ready to get away the destiny of all of the others? Or will he be swallowed up too!

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Dudley, seeing this performance upon peering into the room, caught my eye with a gesture to look at the clock on the wall. It was already quarter to nine, which meant that Doctors Lederer and Calloway would be here within fifteen minutes, if not sooner. She undoubtedly wanted to save us from an embarrassing situation. I thanked her for the alert because I really was lost in the moment, which wouldn’t have stopped were it not for her protective intervention. She’s my guardian angel, too. ” “He’s one of the leading psychiatrists in the field of electric shock treatment therapy and its appropriate use, in cases of psychoses, and extreme neuroses when deemed applicable,” I replied in a professional manner.

He’s easier to get to know. He’s not so, clinical, not so standoffish…not that Doctor Calloway is standoffish, but…well…” While I was tripping over my words, Doctor Lederer entered the dining room. He gracefully walked up to us and smiled. ” Doctor Lederer gave a formal bow, took Mary’s hand and said, “How do you do, Miss Holden. I’m Franz Lederer. ” Mary responded, “How do you do, Doctor Lederer. It’s an honor to meet you, too. Alex…I mean Doctor Ramsey, has told me so much about you. He said any redeeming qualities he has were passed on from you, while he was studying under your guidance.

Dudley always comes in before nine to open the curtains, blinds, and a window for him,” I said. “She obviously didn’t do it today,” Mary said. ” It was quarter passed eleven. I went over to the in-house phone on Doctor Calloway’s desk, and called the switchboard operator to page Mrs. Dudley, to come to Doctor Calloway’s office at once. Then, Doctor Lederer said, “Doctor Calloway may be in the locked room on the third floor, Alex. ” I had forgotten about that. “If Doctor Calloway doesn’t get here after I talk to Mrs.

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