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By Istvan Hargittai, Magdolna Hargittai

During this booklet, 36 well-known chemists, together with 18 Nobel laureates, inform approximately their lives in technological know-how, the beginnings in their careers, their aspirations, and their hardships and triumphs. The reader will know about their seminal discoveries, and the conversations within the booklet convey out the humanity of those nice scientists. NMR spectroscopy, computational chemistry, the drama of buckminsterfullerene, the tale of the tablet, the politics of atmospheric chemistry and the resonance idea, the beginnings of molecular mechanics and sleek stereochemistry are examples of the subjects mentioned first-hand by way of, most likely, the main acceptable folks.

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No. Do you think that scientists and writers can get together easily? No, I don’t think so, but this is probably quite characteristic for America. I am just reading Kafka’s letters to his fianct who never became his wife. He was not very much in favor of intellectual activities for he was a peculiar man. But you should see how much goes on and whom he sees and so on in Prague of his time. Maybe this is n o longer so there either but it was so in the precommunist time. Cannot it then be that you have a nostabia for something that no longer exists?

170] The availability of a large number of established methods serves in modern science often as a surrogate of thought. [170] The hope is that all this shattered universe of knowledge will eventually coalesce into a total vision; but it has never done so, nor is it likely to happen in the future, for the more we divide, the less we can integrate. ~701 Every few years the techniques change; and then everybody will use the new techniques and confirm a new set of facts. [171] Models [1711 - in contrast to those who sat for Renoir - improve with age.

When I was in my first academic job at the University of Chicago, I realized that my training in physics was inadequate, so in 1936/7 I took the course on electricity and magnetism with the physics majors. I really took it; I did all the problem sets and took all the hour exams along with the undergraduates. That course sensitized me to the importance of electrostatic effects in organic chemistry. I found Bjerrum’s paper in which he calculated the ratio of the first to the second ionization constants of dibasic acids; the difference arises mostly from the electrostatic effect of the negative charge of the monoanion that results from the first ionization.

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