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The San Francisco Chronicle referred to as this wonderful and informative advisor to the Bard's most renowned and quotable expressions "delightful...a gem." From "salad days" to "strange bedfellows," the amazing legacy of William Shakespeare lives on in our daily vocabulary. each one access contains the unique that means of the observe or expression, the play or poem during which it sounds as if, which personality spoke it, and the way it truly is used this present day. Cross-referenced for simple use; black-and-white line drawings through Tom Lulevitch.

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Quickly threatens to visit him like a nightmare; Falstaff retorts with a characteristically obscene reading of her threat. This famous phrase was first formulated as "He hath eaten me out of house" sometime in the fifteenth century. If one liked, he might also have eaten you "out of house and harbor" or "out of doors," but the Bard seems to have originated the current phrase. The formula "out of house and home" itself dates from about the thirteenth century. It's never been clear whether "home" is being distinguished from "house" or whether the phrase is just a piece of poetry.

How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world That has such people in't! PROSPERO: 'Tis new to thee. MIRANDA: THE TEMPEST Act 5, scene 1, 181 - 1 8 4 Exiled from Milan, the former duke Prospero and his admirable fifteen-year-old daughter Miranda have been stranded for twelve years on an uncharted isle in the Mediterranean. Miranda's entire experience of mankind has, until very recently, encompassed only her bitter old dad and his deformed slave Caliban [see THIS THING OF DARKNESS].

He is the wormlike "fellow" Gloucester saw before his blinding—Edgar in disguise as a mad beggar. And like Lear, the pompous Gloucester has been forced to feel what the wretched of the earth feel Brush Up Your Shakespeare! 39 —the cruelties of heaven and of mankind alike [see TAKE PHYSIC, POMP]. The duke sums up his revelation in two of the most memorable lines in Shakespeare, likening the gods to immature, uncaring, unjust children, and man to insignificant flies, creatures subject to sportful cruelty.

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