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By Jonathan W. Jordan

Perfect Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, basic George S. Patton, and normal Omar N. Bradley engineered the Allied conquest that shattered Hitler's carry over Europe. yet in addition they shared an difficult internet of relationships going again a long time. within the cauldron of global warfare II, they discovered their prewar friendships advanced through transferring allegiances, jealousy, lack of confidence, patriotism, and ambition.

Meticulously researched and vividly written, Jonathan W. Jordan's Brothers competitors, Victors recounts the conflict for Europe throughout the eyes of those 3 mythical generals who fought to disencumber continents. For the 1st time in such aspect, the bonds among those conflict captains are explored, and readers are handled to a unprecedented insider's view of existence on the summit of uncooked, violent strength. all through 3 years of demanding, bloody conflict, Eisenhower, the Alliance's nice diplomat, sought victory within the struggling with characteristics and tactical genius of his so much depended on subordinates, Bradley and Patton. Bradley and Patton, in flip, owed their careers to Eisenhower, who secure them from the slings and arrows of politicians, rival generals, their allies, and the U.S. army. the dual pillars in their operating relationships have been responsibility and belief. but their friendship, so real and unalloyed sooner than the struggle, will be placed to the last word try out as life-and-death judgements have been thrust upon them, and honor and accountability conflicted with own loyalty.

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The Sherman Crocodile was used on only a single occasion, during the reduction of the old citadel in Jülich on February 24, 1945, as part of the Operation Grenade offensive. Lt Gen Jacob Devers’ 6th Army Group, fighting in Alsace, was the most isolated from the flamethrower shipments. The start of the German Nordwind offensive there on January 1, 1945 further delayed installations. Curiously enough, Operation Nordwind was one of the few occasions when the Germans used mechanized flamethrowers against US troops in the ETO, using two companies of Flammpanzer 38(t) against Maginot line forts near Bitche.

25–26 ignition systems 12, 12, 18–19 Iowa Jima 25–29 Japan Bougainville 7 (6), 12 defenses 10, 12, 17, 22, 23, 28–29, 30, 32, 34 invasion of 35–36 Iowa Jim 25–29 Okinawa 29–34 Saipan 11 (10), 16–17, 20, 20 tactics 4, 23, 34 Jülich, Germany 39 (38), 44 Korean War 35, 46 losses 33 LVT-2; 16, 20 LVT-4; 15 (14), 22, 23 LVT(A)-1; 24 M1; 10 M1A1; 7 (6), 10, 10, 12, 12, 13, 20 M2; 30 M3; 8, 9 M3-4-3; 14, 16 M3-4-E6R3; 34, 36 M3A1; 7 (6), 9, 10, 12, 13, 16–17, 20, 24 M3A1 Satan 11 (10), 16–17, 20, 24, 46 M3A5; 21, 21, 25 M4; 13, 14, 16, 18–19, 29, 31 (30), 32, 35, 45 Sherman Crocodiles 37, 38, 39 (38), 43–44, 43–44 M4A2; 17, 20 M4A3; 26, 26, 27 (26), 35, 41 M4A3E2; 36, 36 M4A3E8; 46 M5-4; 35, 35 M5A1; 12, 12, 14, 17, 21, 24–25, 25, 33, 38 markings, 7 (6), 11 (10), 27 (26), 31 (30) Mechanically Transported Flame Thrower 5, 6 Merz E9; 33 Model Q flamethrower 21, 24, 24 National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) 9–10, 21, 24 Navy Mark I; 15 (14), 21, 21–23, 22, 23, 25, 46 Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) 9–10 Okinawa 29–34 Operation Downfall 35–36 Operation Grenade 39 (38), 44 Operation Iceberg 29–34 Operation Nordwind 44 Operation Overlord 37 Operation Queen 42, 43 Palaus 22, 23 Patton, Lt Gen George S.

34 There was universal praise for the valuable contribution by the 713th AFT Tank Battalion. An Army observer’s group reported that “the consensus of opinion of the using arm is that the armored flamethrower is a most valuable weapon, as it will kill the enemy or cause him to leave positions that no other weapon can reach. It is quite a morale builder to our own infantry. ” The 17th Infantry, 7th Division reported that the flame tanks “were invaluable against enemy entrenched in coral formations, heavy undergrowth and in caves, driving them from these positions when all other means had failed ...

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