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This assortment surveys the numerous homes, flats, farms, and homes of Brigham younger, chief of the Mormon pioneers, first territorial governor of Utah, and moment president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The authors speak about, as well as the structures themselves, what went on inside of their partitions, having a look specifically on the lives of Young's plural other halves and their childrens. Their emphasis is on Young's flats as houses, not only constructions. The textual content is seriously illustrated with images, drawings and maps.

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Pratt, another apostle: “What shall we do? I have nothing to eat & don’t know whare to get it. . ” Pratt suggested they each borrow $25 from a friend, Crosby, who had just arrived in Kirtland. 38 Brigham was still in debt when Joseph Smith called him and Joseph Young on a mission to New England to preach to their family and friends. ”39 Again, Brigham left his family in destitute circumstances in the spring of 1836, trusting that God and the church would care for them. He wrote compelling letters to Mary Ann: 3 June 1836 What shal I say to you to comfert your hart.

63 Thus, his parents’ religionist views worked both ways in forming young Brigham’s values. Observing God’s laws, which he was steered to do, did not mean for him being curtailed and unhappy. Another biographical entry depicts a happier glimpse of Brigham’s upbringing. Susa Young Gates, Brigham’s daughter, in her Life Story of Brigham Young, writes: Brigham Young’s childhood was marked by plain living and high thinking. The family diet consisted of baked potatoes, eggs, milk and cheese, Johnnycake and buttermilk, varied by “garden sass” in summer, and gingerbread and squash pie and dried beans put into the brick oven on Saturday night for the Sabbath dinner so that no cooking and work should mar the sacred peace of that day.

Mrs. Young said her husband had gone to Miller’s corners (Ionia) to attend a quarterly meeting and she did not know when to expect him home. I made known my errand to her. She replied, “I do not know how or when Mr. Young can pay Dr. Sheldon, he had been gone two or three days and left us without fuel, the last stick is on the fire—we have no flour or meat or anything else in the house to eat. As soon as he comes home he will first have to provide fuel and provision for his family. Dr. 139 35 Brigham Young’s Birthplace and New York Residences The account seems stilted; nevertheless, inferences can be drawn.

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