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The ebook offers counterintuitive theoretical effects, that have been released in respected refereed journals via the book's writer and through others. those primary effects holiday a number of paradigms of quantum mechanics and supply substitute interpretations of a few vital phenomena in atomic and molecular physics. First, it truly is proven that singular suggestions of the Schrödinger and Dirac equations would not have been consistently rejected: they are often valid and beneficial for explaining a few experimental effects, e.g., the high-energy tail of the linear momentum distribution within the floor nation of hydrogenic atoms. moment, it's validated that cost alternate just isn't an inherently quantal phenomenon, yet quite has classical roots. This result's utilized to the matter of continuum decreasing in plasmas. 3rd, it's proven that the main hard challenge of classical physics that resulted in the advance of quantum mechanics the failure to give an explanation for the soundness of atoms should be really solved inside of a classical formalism from first ideas: the autumn of atomic electrons at the nucleus end result of the radiative lack of the strength, which looked to be classically unavoidable, doesn't take place inside of Dirac's generalized Hamiltonian dynamics utilized to atomic physics. The underlying physics may be interpreted as a non-Einsteinian time dilation. Fourth, it's validated that during two-electron atoms or ions, the spin spin interplay, which used to be often regarded as an unimportant correction to the binding strength, truly makes an important contribution to the binding power if the singular nature of this interplay is correctly taken into consideration.

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Used hardcover e-book, no pen/pencil or excessive liner marks. no longer Library publication! No DJ, disguise exhibit shelf and garage put on. textual content is in Like New with out folds or put on, a few colour fading to edges outdoors of textual content zone.

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9in x 6in b1984-ch03 Breaking Paradigms in Atomic and Molecular Physics The scaled energy terms −ε1 (r) will take the following form in the γ-parametrization defined by Eq. 44) 3/2 2 . 45) The parametric plot of −ε1 (γ, b) from Eq. 45) with the parameter γ varied from 0 to 1/b1/3 and from b1/6 to +∞ for b = 3 will yield the same graph as in Fig. 3. 4. Effects of a Static Magnetic Field: Stabilization of Diatomic Rydberg Quasimolecules We consider here CRS of the ZeZ -system in the presence of a uniform magnetic field B parallel to the internuclear axis.

Now, for some value of b, we consider a set of equilibrium values (wi , v0i , m0i ) and expand the EPE ueff in terms of δw and δv, where δw ≡ w − wi , δv ≡ v − v0i . 14) The expansion has the form ueff ≈ u0 + uww (δw)2 /2 + uvv (δv)2 /2 + uwv (δw)(δv), u0 ≡ ueff (wi , v0i , m0i ). 15) In the subsequent formulas we drop the suffix i for brevity. The second derivatives of the EPE in Eq. 16) where the suffix 0 at the derivatives means that after the differentiation one should set v = v0 (w) and m = m0 (w).

Therefore, if we solve Eq. 71) for p and substitute it into Eqs. 70), we will have the parametric solution ε1 (r) with the parameter w. , of the same angular momentum projection M . Therefore, we fix M and study the behavior of the classical energy terms at M = const ≥ 0 (the results for M and −M are physically the same). 71) does not allow an exact analytical solution for p. Therefore, we will use an approximate analytical method. 10 shows a contour plot of Eq. 3 at b = 3, with w on the horizontal axis and p on the vertical.

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