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What the hell am I doing here?

Was it just somebody killing at random? No motive whatsoever, and a month in between strikes. When he felt like it. Were they really dealing with a madman, as some people maintained? A lunatic? She shuddered, and the hairs on her arms were standing on end. Get a grip, Beate! she thought. . She took her leave of Grete Simmel on the paved drive leading into the garage, taking a shortcut over the neat lawn and stepping over the low fence in faux jacaranda. She settled down behind the wheel of her car and considered indulging in a cigarette, but suppressed the urge.

We simply have to ask all sorts of questions. ” Beate Moerk nodded. “There is evidence to suggest that, yes. ” “Yes, somebody who used the same method. You never know, Mrs. ” Mrs. Simmel swallowed, and took another biscuit. ” Mrs. Simmel shook her head. ” Beate Moerk paused and took a sip of coffee. It was weak and wishy-washy. If you did what her hostess had done and added two lumps of sugar, it would have been impossible to say what it was. “I have to ask you to allow me to ask a few questions that you might find a bit indiscreet.

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