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We walked down aisles to altars to make new commitments. We volunteered for all kinds of mission and evangelistic activities that adults believed in but didn't participate in. We accepted the adult directive that youth was the best time of life. It seemed natural, therefore, to assume that adulthood, after the honeymoon was over, meant settling into drab routines of raising children, making a living, guarding the budget, and vicariously enjoying life by watching, emulating, and imitating the sneakered and jeaned crowd.

What she had said about my kind was true. Morning sickness wasn't the real issue; she had been watching me and other neighbor women. I had to admit sometimes some of us were childish, wanting to be treated like children as we demanded, coaxed, wheedled, and edged ourselves out of adult responsibilities. Like most young women, I had been eager to rush time, eager to begin the thrills of adulthood. I had never seriously considered what it took to be an adult in an adult relationship. I had simply assumed that when you were old enough, you took on the grown-up qualities needed for grown-up tasks, like marriage.

When Am I Old? 100 9. The Absence of A Present God 112 10. We Shape Faith through Choices 127 11. Moving the Inner Baggage 139 12. Jumping New Hurdles in the Journey 152 13. Password: Discipleship, Not Widowhood 162 14. Passing on the Faith 173 15. A Voice from the Past 183 16. I Have Tended My Own Garden Too Long 192 17. Spading Up Words 209 18. Seeing through New Eyes 225 19. Tell Me Your Story 240 20. Let's Celebrate! 249 The Author 259 Page 8 Foreword Bless Me Too, My Father, is hard to put down.

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