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By W. Randolph Tate

Concentrating on the 3 'worlds' of biblical interpretation, the area at the back of the textual content, the area of the textual content and the realm in entrance of the textual content, this publication contains transparent causes of a few of the interpretive ways, supported by means of biblical examples.

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Is the meaning of a literary work of art identical to what its creator meant in composing it? Without question an author purposes or intends to convey some message. Terry Eagleton observes that “every literary text is built out of a sense of its potential audience, includes an image of whom it is written for: every 2 Roland Barthes, S/Z (trans. Richard Miller; New York: Hill & Wang, 1974). ; ed. Donald Keesey; Boston: McGraw Hill, 2003), 7. Why Study Backgrounds? ”4 Does the author successfully incarnate this intention within the text and communicate it to the audience?

This object is not synonymous with the text. The text is the concrete literary product of the author’s object of consciousness. For example, I have a perception of what the book you are reading should be. The perception is not the book; the perception is the intellectual or conscious origin of the book. For every literary text there must be an originating moment when the author conceives of the literary object and perceives it to be a certain way. On the one hand, since perception takes place through time (diachronically), the object of consciousness undergoes a perpetual redefinition from moment to moment.

Kennedy, George A. New Testament Interpretation through Rhetorical Criticism. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1984. Reading and the World Behind the Text Chapter 3 READING AND THE WORLD BEHIND THE TEXT: THE HISTORICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL BACKGROUNDS text is created within some context. According to Paul RiEvery coeur, at least three developmental stages of a text must be considered in the interpretive process. 1 Each stage is separated by a time gap. In the case of the biblical text, the gap between the recording of the event in the text and the reading of the text is centuries.

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