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By Elizabeth Garber

This assortment specializes in the highbrow improvement of the sciences, their relationships with expertise, and their position in tradition generally together with a proposed realignment of technological know-how, know-how, and artwork.

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In Rankine's case philosophical principles allowed him to develop a space for a new concept of engineering. On Maxwell, see E. Garber, S. G. Brush, and C. E. F. Everitt, Maxwell on Gases and Molecules (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1986), xxii-xxiv. 22. S. thesis, Polytechnic Institute, New York 1978). 23. David Landes, Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1983). 24. See Cyril Stanley Smith, especially in the history of technology. He has argued that aesthetics is an important part of the history of technology because many of the products of engineers lie between science and art in the social landscape, shaping and changing that landscape.

3 The most obvious characteristic of current historiography is the plethora of available explanations. However, the origins of these apparently competing theories of history reside in the social sciences. And in these origins lies a unity behind the facade of diversity. These theories try to integrate science and technology into Western society and culture using socially or culturally derived Page 8 categories that characterize the larger whole. The same categories label the lives, work, and ideas of the individual; hence the integration is accepted as complete.

By the time Kirchhoff's laws came to the attention of engineers, engineering itself had become "scientific," and the education of an engineer had become academic. Scientific engineering was the means of educating the new engineer and the reason why his education had become so formal. David F. Channell investigates how the influential teacher and engineer W. J. M. Rankine created a new academic discipline from the disparate traditions of theoretical physics and engineering practice. Engineering science was a deliberate creation.

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