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By Ton Van Haaften, Henrike Jansen, Jaap De Jong, Willem De Koetsenruijter

From classical antiquity until eventually the current, humans and teams have taken to public areas, now mostly digital, so one can relay their message and try and convince others. And for simply as lengthy, the tools of organizing and accomplishing such public debate and choice making were hotly contested. This number of essays by way of distinctive overseas students provides an summary of the kingdom of interdisciplinary scholarship at the artwork of rhetoric and the numerous methods and methodologies inside of it. Bending Opinion cites a number of proper examples, from Barack Obama to Geert Wilders, in addition to compelling case stories.

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By nature, human beings have a moral orientation, a sense of justice (dikê), which makes it possible for them to contribute meaningfully to the political decisions of their community. For discussions about freedom of speech, however, the other divine gift may be even more important: aidôs, a sense of “shame”, as it is traditionally translated, or maybe rather of the mutual “respect” that keeps people from harming others (cf. Cairns 1993). It is the social skill that makes actual social interaction, on the basis of a shared sense of justice (the other gift), possible.

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3 The US Supreme Court After this quick archaeological exploration, we must move on to an equally quick investigation of the metaphor of the marketplace of ideas in our own times, particularly in the United States, where it is the foundational metaphor and conceptual frame for thinking about the First Amendment, the part of the American Constitution that safeguards freedom of expression. Obviously, political thought in the United States developed in dialogue and debate with the British tradition.

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