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By Ken Schultz

In Bass insanity, fishing authority Ken Schultz is going behind the curtain of the so-called “Super Bowl of bass fishing” to discover what became an unassuming game right into a full-blown wearing spectacle entire with athletes, spectators, television cameras, and extreme drama. this can be an pleasing and enlightening consultant to the historical past, legends, and lore of bass fishing’s maximum championship.

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He asks. “This may show how naive I am, but why is it a bass fishing tournament? ” I explain that you don’t find wild bass on a restaurant menu because they’re classified by state agencies as gamefish and may not legally be sold. In San Francisco, you can find largemouth bass in the live tanks of Asian markets, but that’s another story. Outside of that, I’ve never seen wild bass for sale or listed on a menu. Why it’s a bass fishing tournament and not an all-species tournament or a contest for other species is a complex subject that I can’t answer in a few minutes, except to say that bass are the most popular fish in North America, a subject we’ll explore later in this book.

McKinnis’s production company, Autograph seekers wait in line at the Outdoors Expo to meet former BASS emcee Fish Fishburne, far right. M. Downstairs in a bright, clean underground-garagelike setting are several white tractor trailers that are, in essence, mobile editing and production centers. I peek inside one, which is crowded and dark. Against the wall, there are at least fifty small video monitors, most showing something different to the headset-wearing people who sit in front of them, watching and working with control panels.

He looks surprised, his eyebrows lifting a bit, and in a priceless few words sums up what turns out to be a fairly uniform sentiment for Pittsburghers who do not fish, know little about what’s under the surface of their rivers, and have it ingrained in their heads that this is still a smoky steel town. ” Wednesday, July 27, 2005 If you’re talking sports or athletic contests and the words organizing committee come up, you naturally think of the Olympics—not a fishing tournament. Ironically, the Citgo Bassmaster Classic isn’t necessarily held where there’s a good venue for bass fishing.

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