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"Neural treatment (NT) is a remedy of dysfunction(s) in the autonomic fearful method (ANS). NT was once constructed in Germany within the early a part of this century through physicians, Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. traditionally it contains the injection of procaine into scars, glands, set off issues, acupuncture issues, vascular constructions, ligaments and autonomic ganglia. it is a revised and up-to-date third variation in Read more...

summary: "Neural remedy (NT) is a remedy of dysfunction(s) in the autonomic anxious procedure (ANS). NT used to be built in Germany within the early a part of this century by means of physicians, Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. traditionally it contains the injection of procaine into scars, glands, set off issues, acupuncture issues, vascular constructions, ligaments and autonomic ganglia. this can be a revised and up-to-date third variation in English. This atlas, with its striking colour pictures and anatomical drawings, provides the doctor who makes use of Neural remedy a transparent photograph of different injections and Neural remedy strategies. The textual content is succinct and restricted to the main crucial information in symptoms, fabrics and procedure. It describes the purpose of insertion, the path of the needle and the injection intensity. This transparent define shall we the health practitioner locate the knowledge wanted fast and efficiently"--Provided via writer

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To show the techniques as clearly as possible. Drawings are provided where necessary for greater clarity. Injections where there may be some risk of complications are marked by a note following the word CAUTION. Intra-arterial injections into a vessel leading to the brain or into the subarachnoid space can have serious consequences; always protect your patient and yourself by prior aspiration to ensure that the needle is correctly positioned. 34 3 The Lightning Reaction and the Search for an Interference Field Technique List of Injections Head, Neck Injection Chest, Back, Abdomen, Pelvis to and into: Temporal artery 36 Injection to: Upper cervical ganglion and retrostyloid region 38 Epidural anesthesia Ciliary ganglion 40 Mandibular nerve near Gasserian ganglion 42 Sphenopalatine ganglion and maxillary nerve 44 Stellate ganglion 46 Stellate ganglion (according to Herget) 48 Stellate ganglion (according to Leriche and Fontaine, modified by P Dosch) 50 Stellate ganglion (according to Reischauer) 52 under: Scalp 56 to: Mastoid process 58 Glossopharyngeal nerve 60 Infraorbital nerve 62 Superior laryngeal nerve 64 Mental nerve 66 Occipital nerves 68 Phrenic nerve C 3–C 5 70 Lateral supraorbital nerve 72 Deep cervical plexus C 2–C 4 74 Superficial cervical plexus 76 into: Thyroid 78 to: Palatine tonsil 80 into: Adenoids (pharyngeal tonsil) and pharyngeal hypophysis 82 Test injections to the teeth Injection 84 to: Intercostal nerves 86 88 into: Posterior sacral foramina 92 to: Abdominal sympathetic chain (according to Vishnevski) 96 Lumbar sympathetic chain 100 into: Region of the root of the sciatic nerve L 3–L 5 104 to and into: Sacral plexus 108 Presacral infiltration (according to Pendl) 112 Injection Injection into: Sacroiliac joint 114 to: Frankenhäuser’s ganglia (uterovaginal plexus) 116 into: Pelvic region 118 Epigastrium 120 to: Vogler’s points 122 to: Xiphoid 124 Pudendal nerve 126 Prostate 130 Prostate (suprapubic injection according to Hopfer) 132 into: Technique Extremities: Arms, Legs Injection Quaddle Therapy to and into: Brachial artery 134 Intramuscular infiltration to: Subclavian artery 136 Quaddles in the: into: Elbow joint to: Region of the knee joint 186 138 Sacroiliac region 188 Wrist joint 140 Parasternal region 190 Shoulder joint 142 Pelvic region 192 Median nerve 144 Intravenous injection 194 Radial nerve 146 Injections into scars 196 Ulnar nerve 150 Ring-block anesthesia of fingers and toes 152 Injection to: Brachial plexus C 5–T 1 154 to and into: Femoral artery 158 Posterior tibial artery 160 Hip joint 162 Knee joint 166 Ankle joint 168 Joints of fingers and toes 170 to: Lateral cutaneous femoral nerve 172 to and into: Femoral nerve 174 to: Fibular nerve 176 Obturator nerve 178 Tibial nerve 180 Trochanter major 182 into: 185 35 36 4 Head, Neck Injection to and into the Temporal Artery Indications: Temporal arteritis, migraine, temporal headaches.

Direction of needle: Toward the spinous processes of the sixth or seventh cervical vertebra. Injection depth: Practically subcutaneously when the head of the first rib is readily palpable; to a maximum of 20 mm in adipose patients. CAUTION: Aspirate to check for the presence of liquor, blood, or air! Fig.

Injection depth: At a depth of ∼ 40 mm, the needle strikes the pterygoid process. Withdraw the needle slightly, then advance dorsally 5–10 mm; it is now close to the foramen ovale. CAUTION: Aspirate before injection! The patient’s pain reaction shows that the needle is in the correct position. a Injection to the Mandibular Nerve Near the Gasserian Ganglion b c Fig. 5a–c Injection to the mandibular nerve near the Gasserian ganglion 43 44 4 Head, Neck Injection to the Sphenopalatine Ganglion and the Maxillary Nerve Indications: Hay fever, vasomotor rhinitis, neuralgia of the second branch of the trigeminal nerve, sinusitis; also worth trying in therapy-resistant headaches and for maxillary pain in the absence of pathological dental findings.

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