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Visnu holds a divinity of maximum rank one of the Hindus. within the current paintings, the writer has made an try and comic strip the most beneficial properties within the personality of Visnu as they seemed in several a while. The booklet is split into 3 chapters. bankruptcy one sketches the starting place of Visnu: his personality, logos, attributes, incarnations, comparative prestige, and so on. bankruptcy offers with Sri, Visnus woman accomplice. bankruptcy three describes many of the salient beneficial properties of Visnus cul

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Gods concerned with phenomena in the atmosphere are, in general, often associated with fertility and vegeta­ tion s). The highest deities of the ancient Mesopotamian peoples, for instance, often were sun-gods and fertility-gods at the same time 8). In Greece, one of the characteristics of Helios was that he concerned himself with vegetation — like Zeus, he was called ipvtios “the generative one” — , and in Crete he was the husband of the G reat Mother. It may be of some use to enlarge here upon this point, because many scholars of the W est, living in modern towns and devoted to abstract thought, would seem apt to underestimate the importance of B) I 'also refer to E.

Banerjea, Sürya in brahmanical art, IA. 54(1925), p. 161 ff. M) See Ch. E . Gover, The Pongol festival, JR A S. N S . 5, p. 91 ff. , I l l , p. , who also discusses this feast. Cf. W . Filchner-D. S. Maräthe, Hindustan im Festgewand, Celle 1953, p. 184 ff. l s ) Cf. , p. 118 ff. , p. 94 the god of the festival is Indra and, secondarily, Visnu, See also the interesting account by Abraham Rogerius, D e open-deure tot het verborgen heydendom, re-edited by W. Caland, T h e H ague 1915, p. 137 f. (ch.

Cf. also V iP u r. 1, 8, 21 w here V isnu-K esava is said to be the same as the sun, the lotus-seated goddess being his radiance. °) Caland, P o rtu g . verhandelingen, A m sterdam 1915, p. 81. 7) See fo r instance. G. van der Leeuw, Religion in essence and m anifestation, London 1938, ch. 7 : M. ; A. Audin, Les fetes solaires, P aris 1945, passim ; M eyer, T rilogie (see above), R egister I I I , p. v. S onne; O. R. Gurney, T h e H ittites, London 1952, p. 136 f. ; V. e. (Kingship). g. L. A. W addell, in J.

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