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By Heinz Tschätsch

Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless the most important for plenty of production techniques. This reference provides all vital machining strategies in a finished and coherent means. It offers the training engineer with many technical info of the producing strategies and collects crucial points resembling greatest accessible precision, mistakes or reference values.

Many examples of concrete calculations, difficulties and their ideas illustrate the cloth and aid the training reader. the web addresses given within the appendix offer with a quick hyperlink to additional information sources.

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7 Taper parameters tg D
d  2–l  α/2 D d l in ° in mm in mm in mm half taper angle large taper diameter small taper diameter taper length. There are two ways to generate conical shafts. a) by bringing the upper slide into an inclined position When doing this, rough adjustment of the upper slide is carried out by means of the degree scale, and fine adjustment is performed with a gauging taper which is scanned with a dial gauge. 8). 9). The required tailstock shift can be calculated according to the equation below: sR  sR D d D
d 2 in mm in mm in mm Tailstock shift Large taper diameter Small taper diameter The limit of the tapers generated this way is sR/l = 1/50.

The parameters are 01, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. Accordingly, the cemented carbide P10 is highly wear resistant, but very brittle. Consequently, it should never be used for planing, in which the cutting edge is subjected to sudden stress at each beginning of the cut. Under these circumstances, tool life would be shortened not by wear, but by early chipping of the cutting edge. However, this cemented carbide would be suitable to machine high-strength steels at high cutting speeds. 4 on page 36 outlines the denomination and the ranges of application for cemented carbide tools.

It is possible to swivel out the guide bar sidewise and to bring it into the desired taper angle. The cross slide is immediately connected with the taper guide bar, and is shifted radially during the longitudinal turning motion, according to the guide bar’s angle of inclination. The adjustment screw to adjust the cross slide is dismounted when working with taper guide bar. The automatic lengthwise feeding movement of the lathe is used even in this method as well. With the taper guide bar, it is possible to manufacture tapers up to a ratio of 1 : 5 (taper angle about 10°) and 500 mm length.

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