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By Richard Kearney

Has the passing of the outdated God cleared the path for a brand new form of non secular undertaking, a extra liable method to search, sound, and love the issues we name divine? Has the suspension of dogmatic certainties and presumptions opened an area during which we will stumble upon non secular ask yourself anew? positioned on the cut up among theism and atheism, we have the chance to reply in deeper, freer how you can issues we won't fathom or prove.

Distinguished thinker Richard Kearney calls this ana-theos, or God after God-a second of artistic "not knowing" that indicates a holiday with former sureties and invitations us to forge new meanings from the main historical of wisdoms. Anatheism refers to an inaugural occasion that lies on the middle of each nice faith, a guess among hospitality and hostility to the stranger, the other—the feel of anything "more." by means of studying the roots of our personal anatheistic second, Kearney indicates not just how a go back to God is feasible if you happen to search it but additionally how a extra freeing religion may be born.

Kearney starts through finding a flip towards sacred secularity in modern philosophy, concentrating on Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Paul Ricoeur. He then marks "epiphanies" within the modernist masterpieces of James Joyce, Marcel Proust, and Virginia Woolf. Kearney concludes with a dialogue of the position of theism and atheism in clash and peace, confronting the excellence among sacramental and sacrificial trust or the God who supplies lifestyles and the God who takes it away. Accepting that we will by no means confirm approximately God, he argues, is the single technique to rediscover a hidden holiness in lifestyles and to reclaim a regular divinity.

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Job challenges Yahweh before finally accepting his strange ways. Ruth is a Moabite alien accepted by Boas into his community, { 20 } IN THE MOMENT thereby initiating a long line of hybrid descendants including David and Jesus. While the last of these books, the Song of Songs, may be cited as paradigmatic of the coming together of Israel and its Egyptian adversary: King Solomon courts the foreign “Shulammite” woman, defying tradition to embrace this “black and beautiful” stranger as his bride. Indeed it is telling that the Song itself celebrates a Jewish love story about human-divine love in the borrowed form of a Babylonian-Egyptian marriage poem or epithalamium.

Without the abandonment of accredited certainties we remain inattentive to the advent of the strange; we ignore those moments of sacred enfleshment when the future erupts through the continuum of time. ” Cusa’s docta ignorantia, Kierkegaard’s “objective uncertainty,” and Husserl’s epoché (which brackets the prejudices of the “natural attitude”). Such interrogative gestures—how- { 7 } PRELUDE ever distinct—testify to the indispensable significance of a moment of dispossessive bewilderment if one is to become attuned to the acoustics of the Other.

The choice of faith is never taken once and for all. It needs to be repeated again and again—every time we speak in the name of God or ask God why he has abandoned us. ” And every moment is a portal through which this stranger may enter. { 16 } 1 I N T H E M O MENT T H E U N I N V I T E D GUEST Thus says the Lord: you shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves.  . then she comes back to bring him happiness and reveal her secrets to him. —“On Wisdom,” Sirach 4 Abrahamic religions testify to inaugural encounters with a divine stranger.

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