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By John Nichols

John Nichols used to be raised via a kin as American because the Stars and Stripes. He loved a top-notch inner most tuition schooling and at 23 wrote a best-selling novel, The Sterile Cuckoo. At that time, he thought of himself “a baby blessed by way of the tradition and fated for delirious success.” notwithstanding, a visit to Guatemala derailed his golden-child lifestyles and set him on a really diversified course towards social and environmental activism. This booklet charts Nichols’s wealthy and sometimes tormented trip out of his sheltered middle-class existence towards a trust in what he calls “liberation ecology.”

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Johnson was already maneuvering (after manufacturing the Tonkin Gulf Resolution) to realize Goldwater's vision. But I figured LBJ would never condone a situation in Southeast Asia like the one that oppressed Guatemala. His runaway election victory left me elated. " When our new president immediately escalated the Asian war, I felt for the first time a personal sense of betrayal and outrage because of a politician's actions. Then LBJ sent twenty thousand Marines into the Dominican Republic, an act that coincided with our wedding.

Consequently, I was popular. Each year I was voted into my class's honor society, and during my junior and senior years I also served on the Honor Court, a body of elected students (guided by faculty advisors) that enforced the college's honor code. We held trials, and upperclassmen found guilty of cheating were thrown out of school for good; freshmen could return after a year's suspension. Our proceedings went smoothly until a basketball cocaptain fell afoul of our judgments; we expelled him without reprieve, according to the law.

But to say that our social intercourse fell fiat would be a vast understatement. Mamita pushed me to hobnob with her upper-crust friends, who bored and irritated me. When they started schmoozing about caviar and the caudillo (Franco), I wanted to karate chop them in their carotid arteries. Embarrassed that Mamita had a cook, a maid, and a chauffeur, I circumnavigated their attentions, causing dismay in the household. — fashioned my own sandwiches when hungry. Dinner with my grandmother mortified me because I couldn't stand to be waited on: shades of Peacock Point.

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