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By Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (ed.), Ora Matushansky (ed.)

Adjectives are relatively much less good studied than the lexical different types of nouns and verbs. the current quantity brings jointly reports within the syntax and semantics of adjectives. 4 of the contributions examine the syntax of adjectives in various languages (English, French, Mandarin chinese language, sleek Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and Serbocroatian). The theoretical matters explored comprise: the syntax of attributive and predicative adjectives, the syntax of nominalized adjectives and the id of adjectives as a different lexical type in Mandarin chinese language. yet another 4 contributions research varied facets within the semantics of adjectives in English, French, and Spanish, facing superlatives, comparatives, and element in adjectives. This quantity should be of curiosity to researchers and scholars in syntax, formal semantics, and language typology.

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FP APlong NumP APshort F NumP …Num0… Moreover, in a series of stacked long adjectives every adjective is able to license the ellipsis of the material to its right. This suggests that there is a potential head licensor between any two long adjectives preceding the head noun. Consider the data in (8): (8) a. tanki hrapavi bijeli papir, a ne debeli [hrapavi bijeli papir] thin rough white paper, and not thick b. tanki hrapavi bijeli papir, a ne debeli glatki [bijeli papir] thin rough white paper, and not thick smooth c.

E. in nominative/accusative masculine singular where the short inflection is realized by a zero morpheme, and the long one by -i), in other words, such adjectival forms which should be more easily distinguished by speakers of Serbian or Croatian. Syntactic positions of attributive adjectives  pronominal. Nominal inflections were morphologically different and shorter than pronominal ones; an adjective with a short inflection will be referred to in this paper as a short adjective. e. nominal) inflection.

In Section 3 I show that the distinction between the short and the long adjectival inflection in Slavic correlates with two different structures of the noun phrase. 3). Section 4 deals with the problem of agreement on attributive adjectives. I will show how the syntactic solution proposed in Section 3 can be used to account for the puzzle of the “double” agreement of long adjectives and for distributional differences between the two forms, as well as for the morphology of the short and long inflections.

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