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By Henk J. Verkuyl

Sentences might pertain to states or strategies or occasions. they might exhibit boundedness, period, repetition, frequency, and lots of different kinds of temporality. How do they do that? Henk Verkuyl offers right here a thought approximately aspectual houses of sentences in average languages. A conception of Aspectuality brings jointly the fruit of his pondering at the topic during the last twenty years, and should curiosity all these engaged on point and the semantics of noun words. It can provide to be an immense contribution to our knowing of the topic.

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But, quite apart from the fact that this does not explain the left – right asymmetry, such a lexically based definition of expletives leaves unexplained why it is always pronouns which can play this restricted forward-looking role, and not some other form of item. Standing back from the details of individual constructions, what we see is that some rearrangements of words need anaphoric expressions to prop them up in a language, others do not, but nevertheless may use them; and yet others preclude such pronominal props altogether.

According to this type of view, assigning interpretation to a signal by a cognitive system involves pairing some signal (say light waves on the retina in the case of vision) with some object via the mind-internal construction of a representation of that object. Very approximately, we see a pigeon ahead of us flying across the car, if the given stimulus to the retina causes some cognitioninternal representation to be set up which we take to provide the means of individuating that pigeon in flight.

2) contains no information about word order. There is no claim here that English is verb final — not even with respect to some hypothetical “deep structure”. ). 1), on the other hand, reflect putative 3 To maintain a distinction between words and the concepts they express, when we refer to words we will use italic script, and when we refer to the concept we will use non-italic script, an initial capital letter and a following prime. The proper name John thus expresses the concept John0 . We also use italic script occasionally for emphasis, as here, but we assume it will always be obvious in context which is intended.

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