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By Frankie Rubinstein

'...Rubinstein is much from blameless and is derived to our reduction with loads of learning...and is kind of correct to induce that to not relish the sexiness of Shakespeare's language impoverishes our personal figuring out of him. For something, it was once a robust aspect in his entice Elizabethans, who have been less woolly-mouthed and smooth-tongued than we're. for an additional, it has constituted a salty preservative for his paintings, between those that can take pleasure in enlightening book.' A.L.Rowse, The Standard

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A ref. to Aesop's fable, but let us not ignore the Fool's fable - of egg and crown, both cut i' the middle, leaving Lear bare (destitute), with a bare ass/ arse. He put down his breeches, the garment over his breech (lit. buttocks - 'both parts'). Lear bore his ass and bared his arse. The past tense of 'bear' was 'bare'; 'bore' was not general till after 1600 (OED). Cf. e. Polonius). The Fool moralises that Lear was an ass or fool when he gave his daughters his gold crown: (1) the coin - his wealth; (2) the sovereign's crown - his authority.

Samias. Nay, you are all mass and ass. 116. Vernon describes the virility of Harry and his comrades, 'All furnish'd, all in arms' - all FURNISHED (sexually endowed), ALL in ARMS (both words punning on the penis)- ALTER 9 'all plumed [PLUMES, penises] ... Glittering in golden coats [COATS/ cods - K] ... full of spirit [SPIRIT: ardour; semen] ... Wanton as youthful goats, wild as young bulls'; Harry himself, 'cuisses on his thighs, gallantly arm'd' did 'Rise' and 'vaulted' (verbs of phallic erection and copulation - F&H; P) with 'ease [EASE, ass/ arse 1 into his seat', witching the world with his 'horsemanship' (coital skill- P).

Since (1) 'rub' means caress manually, specif. masturbate (F&H; P); and (2) 'sense' pertains to sensual pleasure (0 ED; P), it is clear which of Roderigo's parts Iago has aroused to a state of inflamed ardour so that it 'grows [enger] angry'. The puns perfectly convey the sexual irritation and anxieties of the two. See STRAIGHT. e. progeny. Winter - normally barren - is angry winter and, like childing autumn, it is curiously fertile (summer buds on winter's icy crown). This pun on 'angry winter' helps solve the old question of whether Sh intended autumn to be chiding or childing.

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